Sota cluster for CAT link?

Is there a tool available to extract sotawatch3 data from the API and then convert it to a telnet cluster server for CAT interfacing to a radio?

Just tried but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I can connect but it instantly disconnects when a single keystroke is sent.

I also tried on port 7300, it works but seems to skip some spots.

Any thoughts on how to do it? Seems to me most chasers would be interested in this.

It’s working fine, as the 20 people currently connected will confirm.

MM0FMF de MM0FMF sota_cluster >
Node         Callsigns

MM0FMF       WB6POT       W0CP         NN7M         AF9W         K3BAK-2
             G0LWU        G0LWU        OK2PDT       G4OBK        GI0AZB
             K4YA         G0LGS        EI9KY        DL3GJ        GI4ONL
             WD4CFN       CT1DRB       HB9HBU       K7MK         EA6LU
             WC0Y         MM0FMF
MM0FMF de MM0FMF sota_cluster >

I’ll be happy to observe your connection attempts so we can fix your problem, mail me at
mm0fmf AT (do the obvious) and we can see what is broken at your end.

Thank you for the amazingly prompt response! I looked further into it and realized the cluster works great from my log4om software. So my problem is solved, but nonetheless I don’t understand why it doesn’t work when debugging through putty or even “windows Telnet”. Up to you to check it out if it’s pertinent, fyi, I tested other clusters with those tools and it works no problem.


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Use RAW with Putty. It wont work with MS Telnet as it’s not doing Telnet protocol.

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