SOTA Christmas Quiz 2016

The SOTA Christmas Quiz 2016 will be published on this website on Monday or Tuesday next week. 180 questions / puzzles to solve, some SOTA related, many not (for a change). All difficulty levels in there from the embarrassingly easy, to the nigh-on-impossible (as usual).

In the past we’ve had traditional quiz questions, number codes, crosswords, lateral thinking questions and others. So what format will it be this year? Well, something different again, but you’ll have to wait until early next week to find out.

This year there will be three titles to compete for; the first two are already annual traditions, while the third is new for 2016 (albeit fiercely contested in the past, despite not existing…):

  1. Quiz Champion
  2. Pedants’ Corner Chairman
  3. Most Unseasonal Grumble About The Quiz

We’ll have the usual one-answer-per-reflector-post rule in place to give everyone a chance, but of course it will still favour those who happen to be up and about at the time the quiz is published. That’s why I’m being vague about when that will be (and because I don’t actually know myself yet). Watch this space…


So here we go then. 180 questions. Some SOTA in there. Lots and lots of non-SOTA in there - although plenty of maths, science, broadcasting, popular culture. Hence I’ve placed it in the “Off-topic” section this year. Could be a bit of Christmas fun for a few days - or feel free to ignore it as irrelevant!

Remember the rule - only one answer per reflector post. The “numbering” of the questions is not the traditional consecutive natural numbers, but simply the number referred to in each. Debates about the questions, points of order, online squabbles and general pedantry are very much in the spirit of the sometimes-annual SOTA Christmas Quiz, and therefore welcomed, and in fact positively encouraged.

Each of the questions concerns a number, that is significant for a particular reason. Your job is to determine that reason and identify the missing words, for which only the initial letters are given.

Off you go…

A list of those who solved each question in the SOTA Xmas Quiz 2016:

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