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SOTA Christmas Quiz 2010

This year’s quiz is coming soon…

I think the last one we did was two years ago, and the routines for this one will be the same.

Participants must use a separate reply post in the thread for each submitted answer. Note the question number in your reply and give the answer. Correct answers and callsign of first to submit will be appended to the initial list of quiz questions.

Debates and arguments resulting from questions and answers are welcome, and in fact encouraged! There are no prizes.

The quiz could go live at any time over the next few hours/days. The launch time will not be advised in advance. It will simply depend upon when I finish writing the questions!

Compliments of the Season.


Questions coming up shortly tonight.

The quiz is admittedly UK-centric but there may be items of interest to the international SOTA fraternity.



SOTA Christmas Quiz 2010

  1. Which was the first UK SOTA summit to have its name changed? [Haddington Hill - Wendover Woods G/CE-005, Lowick High Common - Kirkby Moor G/LD-049, The Wolds - Normanby Top G/TW-005 - M3EYP]
  2. Which was the first UK SOTA summit to be replaced by another summit? [West Cairn Hill GM/SS-138 replaced by East Cairn Hill GM/SS-282 - M1MAJ]
  3. How many UK SOTA summits have been deleted without being replaced? [7 - M3EYP]
  4. Which was the first UK SOTA summit to be added after the launch date? [Swinside G/LD-057, Lovely Seat G/NP-030, Swyre Head G/SC-012, Nine Barrow Down G/SC-013, Cheriton Hill G/SE-015 - M3EYP]
  5. What SOTA summit might you be about to activate if you parked your car on Vercor Close? [Bardon Hill G/CE-004 - G3CWI]
  6. What SOTA summit might you be about to activate if you parked your car on Beacon Road? [Billinge Hill G/SP-017 - G0VOF, or Worcestershire Beacon G/WB-009 - G6WRW, or Bishop Wilton Wold G/TW-004 - G3OHC]
  7. What is the first instance of a parent-child joint activation (both participating licensed amateurs) in the SOTA Database? [16th February 2002, Long Mountain-Beacon Ring GW/MW-026: MW3JAT & MW3EPA - G1INK]
  8. What is the most circular hill in the English SOTA association? [Brown Clee Hill G/WB-002 - G0AZS]
  9. What SOTA summit might you be about to activate if you parked your car on Red Lane? [The Cloud G/SP-015 - G3CWI]
  10. The Sandstone Trail does not pass over any SOTA summits. So what is its connection with SOTA? [It passes over a former SOTA summit: Raw Head G/SP-016 - M0RCP]
  11. Which G SOTA summit has the largest activation zone? [Detling Hill G/SE-013 - G3CWI]
  12. Which G SOTA summit has the smallest activation zone? [Grisedale Pike G/LD-015 - MM3WJZ]
  13. What is the highest number of points available for a single SOTA activation? [13 - MM0TAI]
  14. What is the lowest (positive whole) number of points not available for a single SOTA activation? [12 - G3OHC]
  15. What is the highest UK summit that has not yet been activated? [Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan GM/WS-006, 1151m, 10 points - M3EYP]
  16. Abberley Hill and Milk Hill used to be P150 Marilyns before demotion following resurveying. But neither were ever SOTA summits – why not? [Deleted from Marilyns list before launch of SOTA on 2/3/2002 - M3EYP]
  17. The original GW ARM, valid from 2nd March 2002, listed all summits in descending order of height, by region – true or false? [False - M3EYP]
  18. Which SOTA association is very ODd – and why? [Lebanon OD, no activations yet - G0AZS]
  19. Which continent has never had a SOTA association nor a World Cup? [Oceania - LA1TPA]
  20. What deleted summit in G recorded the greatest number of activations in its lifetime? [Lovely Seat - M3EYP]
  21. What do the following SOTA traverses have in common?
    (a) Kisdon NP-026 – Rogans Seat NP-014
    (b) Ben Macdui ES-001 – Beinn Mheadhoin ES-005
    © Y Lliwedd NW-008 – Snowdon NW-001
    (d) High Street LD-011 – Stony Cove Pike LD-018
    (e) Dale Head LD-020 – Robinson LD-021 [Routes do not cross roads - M0RCP]
  22. Catstye Cam is not a SOTA summit. So what is its historical significance in the programme? [Location of first experimental SOTA-style operation by John G3WGV ahead of SOTA launch - M6HBS]
  23. Which current UK SOTA summit has the lowest recorded number of QSOs of any summit that has been activated? [GM/SI-068, GM/SS-279, GM/WS-107; just 1 recorded QSO on each - M1MAJ]
  24. What is the only G SOTA summit that has a prominence equal to its height? [St Boniface Down G/SE-008 - LA1TPA]
  25. Name the three GW SOTA summits that have equal height and prominence? [Holyhead Mountain GW/NW-069, Mynydd Bodafon GW/NW-071, Mynydd Enlli GW/NW-072 - LA1TPA]
  26. Identify the SOTA summits from their alternative names in usage?
    (a) Edmund’s Tump [Graig Syfyrddin GW/SW-020 - M0DFA]
    (b) Ilkley Moor [Rombalds Moor G/NP-028 - G3CWI]
    © Paddy’s Milestone [Ailsa Craig GM/SS-246 - LA1TPA]
    (d) Beinn Neobhis [Ben Nevis GM/WS-001 - G8ADD]
    (e) The Rivals [Yr Eifl GW/NW-075 - M3EYP]
    (f) Shane’s Hill [Agnew’s Hill GI/AH-005 - M3EYP]
    (g) The Bin Hill [Bin of Cullen GM/ES-084 - M6HBS]
    (h) The Slippery Witch [Pen Llithrig y Wrach GW/NW-013 - G3CWI]
  27. Which SOTA association contains the smallest number of summits, but not the smallest number of regions? [Malta 9H - M1MAJ]
  28. Name the SOTA associations that contain just one region? [GD, TK, PA, PN, HB0, OZ - HL4/W2VLA]
  29. Name the SOTA association that has the largest number of regions? [USA W5: 75 regions - M1MAJ]
  30. Which current SOTA summit was the last one to be activated by Richard G3CWI in his campaign to ‘complete’ England? [Place Fell G/LD-027 - G4OWG]
  31. What is the (current) greatest number of UK national summits (highest points in each country) to have been activated by one individual? [4 - G3CWI]
  32. On what date did an English SOTA summit have two valid SOTA references? [9th May 2002 - M1MAJ]
  33. The Southern Pennines region was where SOTA first “took off” in popularity. But which G/SP hill was missing from the initial list? [Billinge Hill G/SP-017 - G3CWI]
  34. What G SOTA summit was not valid on the launch date of 2nd March 2002, isn’t valid now, but was available for much of the period between? [Lovely Seat G/LD-030 - M3EYP]
  35. Name the English SOTA summit that would score differently in Wales? [Skiddaw G/LD-004 - M3EYP]
  36. What was the original proposed winter bonus height for GW, even though it was settled as 500m (same as G) from the programme launch date? [700m - G3CWI]
  37. Which UK motorway passes through an activation zone? [M2 - M3EYP]
  38. Which SOTA summit might you be about to ascend if you parked in Morcombelake? [Hardown Hill G/SC-011 - M0DFA]
  39. Complete the following sequence:
    Penycloddiau, Moel Famau, Foel Fenlli, … ? [Moel Gyw GW/NW-053 - G3CWI]
  40. Complete the following sequence:
    Scafell, Helvellyn, Great Gable, Fairfield, … ? [High Street G/LD-011 - G4OWG]
  41. What SOTA summit lies closest to the junction of the Pennine Way and Coast 2 Coast routes? [Kisdon G/NP-026 - MM3WJZ]
  42. How many “super-mountains” are there in the GW association? [3 - G8ADD]
  43. Which English mainland summit lies closest to the coast? [Swyre Head G/SC-012 - G4OWG]
  44. Is there an island summit in G that lies closer to the coast? [No - M3EYP]
  45. Malta 9H is a P150 association. How many additional summits would it gain by changing to P100? [2 - F6ENO]
  46. Which SOTA summit may only be activated by OMs? [Mount Athos SV/AA-001 - OK9HAG]
  47. 83 and 10 are two averages in the SOTA programme. Averages for what? [Summits per region and regions per association - OK9HAG]
  48. What digit from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 is most common as the first digit of the height in metres, or feet, of a SOTA summit in the world? [1 - OK9HAG]
  49. “Crude kit son?” “Nothing, sir”. (Name the summits). [Kinder Scout & Shining Tor - M6HBS]
  50. Which of the following UK radio magazine titles did not ever carry a main feature article about SOTA (although it did carry many news items)?
    (a) Short Wave Magazine
    (b) Radio Active
    © Monitoring Monthly
    (d) Practical Wireless
    (e) Radio User
    (f) Radcom [Monitoring Monthly - G4OWG]

I set the 2008 Christmas Quiz on the morning of December 1st Mike. This lot on here had got all the 50 answers nailed by the afternoon of December 2nd - less than 29 hours later!

I didn’t do one last year, but it was always the intention for any future quiz, to release it MUCH nearer to Christmas!


In reply to M1EYP:
48) 1 (source: SOTA NEWS August 2010)

  1. SV/AA-001
    and that’s it for tonight :slight_smile:

Marek OK9HAG

Both correct - go to the top of the class that boy.

In reply to M1EYP:
10) It goes over the now deleted SP-016

In reply to M1EYP:

SOTA Christmas Quiz 2010

Can I phone a friend?


Yes and yes.

In reply to M1EYP:
13) 26 points


In reply to M1EYP:
ok I’ll try to fill the gap between my answers:

  1. average 10 regions in an Association, average 84 summits in a region

Actually I get 42384/510 = 83.10 (numbers from SOTA Facts and Figures page)

Marek OK9HAG

Very good Marek, even with the typo you spotted! Adrian, I see what you mean, but in my mind that would be a single expedition with two activations.


Vlado - only one answer per post allowed! Both incorrect anyway - although one of them is close.


In reply to M1EYP:

  1. Billinge Hill
  2. Bardon Hill
  3. The Cloud
  4. Detling
  5. Sca Fell
  6. Lebanon
  7. Antarctica
  8. Raw Head
  9. Arnside Knott

b) Robalds Moor
h) Penlithrig y Wrack (can’t spell it though)
37) M25?
39) Moel Gyw

  1. What SOTA summit might you be about to activate if you parked your car on Beacon Road?

G/SP-017 Billinge Hill

Mark G0VOF

In reply to M1EYP:
Ok Tom in that case answer to question 13 is “13”


In reply to M1EYP:

6)What SOTA summit might you be about to activate if you parked your car on Beacon Road?

Worcestershire Beacon (G/WB-009)

Carolyn (G6WRW)

In reply to M1EYP:

I presume 26(d) is Ben Nevis, but this spelling is controversial because they can’t decide what it means, alternative interpretations include neamh-bhathais (cloud capped) and neamheis (terrible)!


Brian G8ADD

Richard - please observe the quiz rules.