SOTA chaser and GMA activator

Small autumn reflection: Autumn days are progressively shorter and shorter and there is no time to drive out too far. That’s why I also like the program GMA - it allows me to visit some beautiful hills in my neighborhood that do not have the required prominence for SOTA.

In short, I do not feel competition between the two programs, thus, when I climb the “GMA” hill is hard for me to understand, that so few SOTA takers are interested in me. (Typical radio contact in these activities takes a few seconds.) During these days my short trips are not a matter of whether SOTA or GMA but the choice of whether GMA or no outdoor activity with radio.

Several times I hear the question marks, or even questions “SOTA?”, but once again I send “cq GMA”, nothing is heard on.

It’s not just a matter of hamspirit. Nowadays, number of telegraph contacts on the radio amateur bands tends to be gradually lower and lower. In my opinion, it’s a shame.

On the other hand, there is also one advantage: In such cases, an activator is relishing the hilltop longer time :slight_smile:


Karel OK2BWB

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Hallo Karel
I agree with you 100% .

Best 73 de Tom

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I work any GMA or WOTA activations I hear on phone - they may not be SOTA, but they are summits and as I love the high places I will support anybody operating from them!

Its funny that you should say that “Nowadays, number of telegraph contacts on the radio amateur bands tends to be gradually lower and lower.” I never could master CW operating and from my point of view it often seems as if telegraphy is ousting telephony from SOTA, certainly it seems that SOTA is helping preserve CW!


Brian G8ADD

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Thanks for your words of sympathy to the high places, that’s exactly what I had in mind primarily.

My remark about the decreasing number of cw contacts was meant in general. I like morse code, I use it almost exclusively more than 35 years. Telegraph parts of the bands seem to me much emptier. Probably the same is true about the phone parts.

When I compare the logs (SOTA and GMA), I can clearly see that if I call cq with reference gma, the interest of SOTA chasers is very significantly smaller - and some never call, even though they are right next to my frequency…

… - and so this was the idea of my post: SOTA is helping preserve CW, GMA does the same almost as well, both increasing interest in conquering hills with radio, so why not to call…


Karel OK2BWB

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Dont’t worry too much, Karel!
There are many other CW Ham’s thinking and doing exactly as you.
It was a pleasure to contact you S2S on GMA OL/VY-001 this afternoon.

73 es hpe cuagn S2S (GMA or/and SOTA),
Heinz HB9BCB

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Hi Karel

I am not very active on the bands from home, but I always call a /p station when I hear one. They have made an effort to go out, and obviously want contacts. I am pleased to make contact, no matter where they are located, or why.

When I hear a CQ call followed by letters such as GMA, I am more reluctant to call if I don’t know what it stands for. Rather like not responding to CQDX from a local station - I’m sure that they don’t want to talk to me!

Now that you have mentioned it, I will listen out for you and others calling GMA, and I hope to make a few contacts.



Edit: thinking about it, whilst activating SOTA summits I have had several calls from amateurs saying "I know that you are calling SOTA, and I hope you don’t mind me calling but I would like a report…"
I explain that calls are very welcome from all amateurs, it is not an exclusive club. So, maybe just call CQ, and don’t always mention SOTA or GMA until you have made contact!