SOTA chaser 250 points

Just received my SOTA 250 chasers award. Guess it is the first one issued to SM. Thanks to DH8DX who introduced me to the SOTA programme in a mail following a CWQSO in March last year. I keep an ear on 7032 when possible.

In reply to SM1TDE:
Well done on 250 Eric hope to work you from an SM summit one day :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to SM1TDE:

Congrats Erik!
Hope to hear you many more times and maybe
on a summit in Sverige someday :slight_smile:

Vy73 GL es hej
Fritz hb9csa,dl4fdm

In reply to SM1TDE:
Well done Eric! Nice to see you are chasing so successfully.

Now how about that SM association? :slight_smile: Feel free to mail me if you want to discuss…

73 Marc G0AZS, SM7ZAU

In reply to SM1TDE:
What a good job Eric, all my congratulations !
It was a pleasure to hear you from SOTA F/PO-267, you’re on the video on YouTube at 6’49 : SOTA F/PO-267 "Esteinumendi" by F8DZY/P - YouTube
Chris F8DZY.