SOTA by Tandem

FL/VO-015 Tête de Grouvelin

Rode up on our tandem from Lac de Longemer. Wonder if it is a SOTA first?

Thanks to all the chasers as always.


Thanks for the summit Gerald.

Well done Sue…oh and you of course :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

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The extra length looks handy for accommodating a long fishing pole.

Very good Gerald and Sue!

Correct! Easily bungyed on the top tube.

Very nice!
I don’t think it’s a first.
not sure but I think I recall something about tandems being publushed here sime time ago I’ll do a search later today.
Now off to work…


Well done both,thanks for the activation’s.73 Don. G0RQL.

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What I want to know was - who was in the front heading up and who heading down?

Good one Gerald (and Sue of course :slight_smile: )


Hi Gerald,
I’ve found this one…



Ha! Might have guessed Alistair or David M0YDH might have beat me to it! :slight_smile:

PS good to speak with you today from Petit Ballon

Ha ha… I ride the front and Sue the back… she is known in tandem terms as “the stoker”… head of the engine room!

Hi Gerald,
Regarding SOTA in tandem, there must have been a number before. It’s not easy to do something for a first time in these days.
However, I’m sure you had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. That was the main purpose, I guess.
Thanks for the activation and QSO today and the previous days.
If I’m not wrong, it’s been the third time I’ve chased you during your FL SOTA tour. Always on 40m.
It seems that propagation conditions are favorable for our respective locations on such band.
You were a good 57 today. All these 3 chases have been on QRP 5w with my balcony endfed wire.
Enjoy your trip and best regards to you and Sue.


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Not sure if this could become too uncomfortable if she really got up a good ‘head’ of steam :wink:


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How long will you be staying in this area? I saw you were spotted on FL/VO-078 this morning. We (that’s K2XYL and myself) arrived today. 017, 078 and 001 are planned for tomorrow. We will be looking for a couple on a tandem.

73, Hans F/PB2T

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Sorry. Just spotted this message. Now in DM/BW before heading back to Calais over the next few days for a tunnel crossing early on Thursday.

Yes Gerald. I activated G/SE-006 in June 2010 with Michael (age 16), followed by M0YDH shortly afterwards. You may also remember that in August 2015 that Sarah and I rode our tandem up OK/JC-028 Vítkuv Kámen whilst you drove up! Thanks again for letting us share in your activation that day. Any activation by tandem is no mean feat so well done Gerald & Sue.

73s, Alastair, M0TYM

Pictures of OK/JC-028 activation, Augsut 2015.

The final push to the summit of OK/JC-028:

Gerald & co. on the summit - note hat shading transceiver from sun!!

The view from the top of the tower:

Post activation refreshment:

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:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
Oh dear, how embarrassing - how could I forget that! Sorry!

Red hot day if I recall too.

In my defence I might say that we rode up that hill on another day earlier in the week :slight_smile: