Sota & bicycle again . I/LZ-187, Monte Patulo 29/8/2021

Hello Om,
was so nice to use bike to make sota… so i made it again :slight_smile: Today the summit was I/LZ-187, Monte Patulo, 35 km from the center of Roma, the place it’s very strange… because at the top of the hill there is a little town… with no space of “natural” activaion of tree. So i but my longwire antenna (Rtx is Ft-817) in a parking in the top of the city …and also the top of the hill. Olny 12 qso in cw on 20/30/40 meter band… the place was not so nice, with a lot of qrm and noise. But the bike ride was fantastic, 4 hours in total, i will do it again !

73 Andrea IW0HK


You did a good effort and nice Strava results considering you carry you SOTA kit with you on the bike. Was it on back pack or do you use Panier Bags
vk5cz …


Well done. It’s a nice combination, bicycle and radio,
73 - Tonnie - PA9CW

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hello, here is my Sota/Bike setup

in the bag : Ft-817, key, tuner, power pack, cable, wire & Balun