SOTA Banner

It’s been on the to-do list for a long time, but I finally had a SOTA banner made for hamfests and other gatherings. It is 48" x 30" (122 x 76 cm). If anyone wants the file I used for the banner, they are welcome to it.


Nice work Pat! That’s Hawksbill right? Scott kw4jm

hi Pat, that’s a lovely pic and banner. I’d be interested in the file if you could send it to me as an IM or to my email.

Do you print it yourself in multiple pages or get it printed professionally?

Andrew VK1DA

Great work Pat! Can you post the banner file here on this thread?
Tnx es GL in SOTA!

Good looking banner.

There is a UK designed one which we use at a couple of rallies - professionally printed on reinforced plastic - which has a similar layout to the bumper stickers (why re-invent the wheel :slight_smile: )

The file for that (pdf) is available should anybody require it (just email me)

Yep, and for those not familiar with Linville Gorge:

The angular peak on the left is W4C/EM-051 - Table Rock Mountain.
The long flat ridge behind it, Shortoff Mtn, is the southern end of W4C/EM-070 - 3161
The peak across the gorge on the right is W4C/EM-066 - Dogback Mountain
Behind it on the right is W4C/EM-059 - Dobson Knob

73, pat

I guess you can’t attach a PDF on the reflector, but I have put the PDF and original InDesign file here:

PDF Version
InDesign Version

I had it printed on vinyl banner material at a local sign shop so it should hold up well and with grommets it will be easier to hang up. For the last several years I had been using large prints from a plotter, but being paper they didn’t hold up well in use.

73, pat - KI4SVM

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Outstanding job, Pat! Your picture really captures the best of a SOTA activation. If I could photoshop myself into the picture I would use it for my QSL card…LOL! :grinning: