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**SOTA Awards September** **2018**

SOTA Awards September 2018

Very quiet month for awards. Congratulations to Mountain Goats N7LP, K7MAS G0EVV and VK1DA and Shack Sloths KF7AXB, AA2CQ, DG1NPM and KE9AJ.

I still do not know when the downloadable certificates will be made available again as this is in the hands of our technical gurus. You will have to be patient, it is not an easy task producing the necessary software to replace my manual checking and production.

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat

N7LP Lee Pemberton

K7MAS Mark Sandler

G0EVV David Stansfield

Shack Sloth

KF7AXB Andrew Peltola

AA2CQ Richard Seeger

Certificates Issued


VK1DA Andrew Davis 1000 points

F6HHK Bruno Bally 500 points

HB9GHJ Urs Gredig 500 points

G0HIK Nick Gregory 250 points

W4XEN Caleb Moose 100 points

W5RST Michael McShan 100 points


AA1VX Dave Glow 2500 points

AA2CQ Richard Seeger 1000 points

DG1NPM Norbert Patent 1000 points

KE9AJ Joe Werth 1000 points

DG1NPM Norbert Patent 500 points

M0DHP Ray Benitez 100 points

M0KPW Chris Leviston 100 points

Chaser Unique

W0ERI Martha Auchard 5000 summits

GW4VPX Allan Jones 1000 summits

Summit to Summit

HB9GHJ Urs Gredig Red

Mountain Explorer

DD5LP Ed Durrant Tourist

Mountain Hunter

GW4VPX Allan Jones Platinum

Microwave Award

N2YTF Thomas Tumino 50 km 23 cm

This is the time of year when it is useful to remind you (in the Northern Hemisphere) of the availability of clothing and hats which provide some protection from the cold. The SOTA fleeces are a heavyweight fleece which not only provides insulation from the cold but is also smart with the SOTA logo and name embroidered on the front. Available in a range of sizes and colours, the fit is generous and features a full length zip. To complement the fleece the insulated ski hat is brilliant at keeping the brain cells warm. Sales of all merchandise provide the funds to keep the SOTA IT infrastructure running, this is not cheap and without these sales the data processing everybody relies on and can access free of charge will, eventually, grind to a halt.

I hate to bring this subject up at the beginning of October but I have to introduce the ā€œCā€ word: Christmas will be here shortly and to ensure delivery in time for that date you have to order early. I will be on vacation during the middle of October so will not be able to deal with any orders between 15th to 25th October and then I will be out of the country from 20th November until Christmas (in CT3) so the very last date I can post merchandise or awards is Monday 19th November. Please order in plenty of time. I will put a reminder in my next monthly report.

Stay safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE

SOTA Awards Manager