SOTA Awards October 2018

SOTA Awards October 2018

Another quiet month for awards with VK3IL, OE3IPU and IW3AGO reaching the magic 1000 Activator points.

Two outstanding achievements worthy of note are HB9DST claiming the very first Mountain Explorer Amethyst Award now having activated summits in 70 Associations and G1ZAR claiming the very first Silver Microwave Award (on 13cm) with a contact with OZ at over 690 km (and don’t underestimate his 100 km summit to summit contact on 10 GHz).

Congratulations to everybody

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat

VK3IL David Giddy

OE3IPU Gottfried Poltinger

Certificates Issued


IW3AGO Heinrich Pixner 1000 points

DH8WN Ludwig Niebel 250 points

VE6AGR Kenneth M. Smith 250 points

VK1VIC Anthony Vickers 250 points

I1UWF Gian Piero Tosello 100 points


G1PIE Mark Procter 2500 points

DK5RK Reinhard Krause-Rehberg 100 points

SOTA Complete

HB9CSA Fritz Zwingli 100 summits

Summit to Summit

HB9IIO Daniel Mottier Gold

WC0Y Edward Hall Bronze

Mountain Explorer

HB9DST Paul Schreier Amethyst

IZ1DNQ Fabrizio Radiosi Bronze

DH8WN Ludwig Niebel Bronze

Mountain Hunter

WD0ACB Leonard Bruce Russell Bronze

Microwave Award

G1ZAR Stuart Tyler 650 km 13 cm

GM4WHA Geoff Harper 50 km 23 cm

G1ZAR Stuart Tyler 100 km 3 cm

First a reminder about Christmas deliveries: if you require merchandise or Awards before Christmas then they must be ordered NO LATER than 17 November so I can post them by 19 November; anything ordered after this date will not be posted until January.

A problem has been identified with checking of Chaser award qualification dates. Hopefully this will be corrected very soon but meanwhile I will double check all claims for the correct qualification date.

Finally, there will not be any Awards news at the end of November but I will publish a bumper edition at the end of December

Stay safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE

SOTA Awards Manager

Hi Barry,

just got it in the mail on saturday.
Many tnx for the nice certificate and tnx a lot for your fine work.

Have a nice sunday and vy73