SOTA Awards March and April 2019

SOTA Awards March & April 2019

There were very few Award claims in March so I have decided to combine the statistics for March and April.

Congratulations to Mountain Goats ON7DQ, WA9STI, LZ1GJ, JA3NAP, AE9Q, HB9GKR, MW0XOT, and WX4TW. Special mention to G0FEXwith 25k Chaser points and to WA9STI and AB4PP for achieving “Supersloth”.

Once again the only microwave activity seems to have been outwith Europe so congratulations to 23 cm Activators (and their S2S partners) VK1AD and W1DMH.

Now where are the 13 cm claimants? The RSGB has awarded the Jock Kyle Trophy to MM0FMF and GM4COX for their efforts at encouraging 13 cm SOTA activity so – come on guys, you know you want the Award!!

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat

ON7DQ Luc Decroos

WA9STI Scott Hanley

LZ1GJ Yani Ganchev

JA3NAP Takahiro Araki

AE9Q David Dostie

Shack Sloth

ON7DQ Luc Decroos

Certificates Issued


HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 1000 points

ON7DQ Luc Decroos 1000 points

MW0XOT John Messenger 1000 points

WA9STI Scott Hanley 1000 points

AE9Q David Dostie 1000 points

WX4TW Tom Wilheit 1000 points

NY4G Ariel Jacala 500 points

IZ1DNQ Fabrizio Radiosi 500 points

HB9PIM Rene Kuhn 500 points

DM3FAM Marcel Muller 250 points

ZS6MMS Lucas Swart 100 points

HB9GUX HaWe Grotemeyer 100 points


G0FEX Ken Porter 25000 points

WA9STI Scott Hanley 10000 points

AB4PP John Keon 10000 points

N1AW Al Woodhull 5000 points

AA1VX Dave Glow 5000 points

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 2500 points

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 1500 points

VK1VIC Anthony Vickers 1500 points

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 1000 points

NY4G Ariel Jacala 1000 points

G2ARY George Lee 1000 points

2W0FLW Derek Flewin 1000 points

DF1AI Armin Irlacher 500 points

KI5WA Horace Hinson 500 points

KI5WA Horace Hinson 250 points

IZ1UMJ Marco Giulini 100 points

G0NUN Bob Barker 100 points

HB9GUX HaWe Grotemeyer 100 points

Activator Unique

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 100 summits

Chaser Unique

G0ELJ Dave Dawson 1000 summits

AA1VX Dave Glow 500 summits

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 250 summits

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl 100 summits

Summit to Summit

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl Gold

Mountain Explorer

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl Silver

Mountain Hunter

DF1AI Armin Irlacher Bronze

HB9GKR Ralf Doerendahl Bronze

HB9GUX HaWe Grotemeyer Bronze

Microwave Award

VK1AD Andrew Moseley 150 km 23 cm

W1DMH Douglas Houston 50 km 23 cm

Just three topics this month:

PLEASE , when claiming an Award, the Qualification Date is what it says NOT the date you applied for the Award (unless you made it that day). I do my best to correct incorrect dates but I am not always successful.

When you place an order please pay for it. We take Paypal, Bank Transfer or, if you must, Cash. Paypal is easiest, you do not need an account just a credit or debit card. I have had to issue Paypal invoices which is time consuming usually involving multiple emails.

I now have a wide range of SOTA T-shirts in stock again. Please make my xyl happy and help clear this stock from our spare bedroom where it takes up a lot of space

Stay safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE

SOTA Awards Manager