SOTA Awards - issued August 2018

SOTA Awards July 2018

Following the temporary removal of the downloadable certificates things have been a bit quieter this month, however there were plenty of folks who were keen to obtain printed versions of their certificates.

Congratulations to Mountain Goats DH7FK, K7ODX, WW7D, SO9ARC, K7MAS, and I1WKN and Sloths 2M0ROT, PA2WJZ and HB9 FBG. I am pleased to highlight the performance of Karl, M3FEH, who has reached 25k Chaser points in a relatively short time. I can vouch for the performance of his 10 watt station having managed to work him on 40m during a recent activation.

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat
DH7FK Felix Konig
K7ODX Ryan Etherington
WW7D Darryl Holman
SO9ARC Robert Zabkiewicz

Shack Sloth
2M0ROT Stuart McIntosh
PA2WJZ W.J. Zonneveld
HB9FBG Mauro Santus

Certificates Issued

DH7FK Felix Konig 1000 points
K7MAS Mark Sandler 1000 points
I1WKN Giuseppe Sera 1000 points
SO9ARC Robert Zabkiewicz 1000 points
IZ1DNQ Fabrizio Radiosi 250 points
W1PTS Tom Simpson 100 points
JJ1LX David Niehoff 100 points
G4IPB Paul Hodgkinson 100 points
W7AMR Attila Revesz 100 points

M3FEH Karl Kruger 25000 points
G0FVH David Dolling 5000 points
2M0ROT Stuart McIntosh 1000 points
HB9FBG Mauro Santus 1000 points
G4IPB Paul Hodgkinson 500 points
W1PTS Tom Simpson 100 points
M0NZO Greg Bolshaw 100 points
KC4LRR Robert Jansen 100 points
DM1KK Kevin Kruger 100 points
OE3TWA Thomas Woelfl 100 points

Activator Unique
I1WKN Giuseppe Sera 100 summits (All 50MHz)
I1WKN Giuseppe Sera 100 summits (All 432 MHz)
I1WKN Giuseppe Sera 100 summits (All 144 MHz)

Chaser Unique
M3FEH Karl Kruger 3000 summits
KD8DEU Allan Van Brocklin 500 summits

Summit to Summit
I1WKN Giuseppe Sera Bronze
VE6IXD Ian Drummond Bronze
I1WKN Giuseppe Sera Red

Mountain Explorer
VE6IXD Ian Drummond Silver
VE6AGR Kenneth M. Smith Bronze

My apologies for the late publication of this report – my xyl decreed that I had to spend the last few days looking after two of my grandchildren, not an arduous task but time consuming!

The removal of the free of charge downloadable certificates until such time as our IT gurus can provide an online system for checking and issuing has removed an extremely onerous task from my shoulders. The facility will be provided in the near future but there are a number of more pressing tasks needing to be completed before this facility is available again. This does not impact on the availability of the printed versions which I am attempting to issue in as short a timescale as possible.

I am waiting on delivery of more flags, there was a surge in demand which meant I ran out during the lead timescale for new order delivery; hopefully available again mid September. Although out of stock you should still be able to back order them on the website. I also ran out of the padded envelopes I use to send trophies – my fault entirely, I was convinced I had another box but I was wrong!

Finally I have managed to get out and make an activation; provided the weather remains reasonably good I will make much more effort to get out and about. Initially this will be some of the less activated GM/ES-### summits near my home but I do have a couple of others on the radar which may be of interest to completists. HF is not good from this far North right now but it seems 17m can come to the rescue

Stay safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager