SOTA at Yunta in vk5-ne zone

Hello everyone thanks to all the chasers sorry to the dx chasers we had a tight time line and lots of traveling between summits so not a lot of time to chase dx just qualify and move on. Me being vk5cz and Hugh vk5nmg managed some qso’s on every activation on 40m ssb. We did not make it in time to summit 4 as time run out before we had to head back home to Clare . The first day was on Sheep Station country 480 square KM in size west of Yunta so both summits are on the same property but at either end so we had to do lots of bush track driving out and back. Both summits were at least an hours climb /walk up then back and lots of history of early survey of the area 1 stone had a name carved on it dated 1887 that’s the year my grandfather was born. The summits have all got man made cans built from stones and very large in size. Second day was a great trip out east of Yunta plus a 4wd trip of an hour in low 1st gear to follow the ridgeline and a very windy walk once the track run out. It was another hour to get off after activating then try to find the second summit but we ended up getting lost up some dead end track at a Well where the biggest water trough I have ever seen was, it was almost an Olympic swimming pool long. Still no Summit, it was in the rear view mirror so we decided we are going the wrong way. We followed another creek line for about 20 more km and then we at least saw the summit again and found we were about 3 km east of it this time and that’s when we decided to give up trying to reach it that day. We know the quickest way to find it now and a good waterway at one lower end will make the climb ok next time we go there a lot earlier in the morning.
Great hospitality at the Yunta Pub lots “on tap” and big steaks for dinner good single quarters to sleep at night . We travelled 725 km from when I left home until when I got back for about 2 hours radio time and 8 points, pity we could not make it 10 points by missing that last summit looking forward to getting it next time. 73 de Ian vk5cz …

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Good effort, Ian! Keep on!
73 de Mikel