SOTA At The Scottish Convention

This coming Sunday - 7th May, a new amateur radio rally is talking place - THE SCOTTISH RADIO & ELECTRONICS CONVENTION - at the Braehead Shopping Complex - to the west of Glasgow.

As it’s been a few years since SOTA has had a public presence at a Scottish rally, so this year we took the opportunity to organise a table manned by the usual GM/MM/2M suspects.

If you have a chance and are in the Glasgow area next Sunday, pop-in to see us where we will be demonstrating hardware and kit along with SOTA merchandise and our new 13cms SOTA project (secret squirrel stuff :rabbit:[well a rabbit in this case!!!])

Now I don’t know how we are going to top Audrey’s scrumptious offerings but there are a fare few ‘goody’ shops around the complex.

See you with your callsign badges on - please :slight_smile:!



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Weather looks settled for the next few days :sunglasses:so planning a trip to do some of the South Lanarkshire and Ayrshire hills from Saturday onward. Also planning to take a run up to Braehead on Sunday morning. It will be good to see some of the gang that I speak to regularly on SOTA but seldom meet.

Robin, GM7PKT

I was originally meant to be contesting this weekend and so didn’t plan on going to this new event. Then a whole ruck of things came up that meant the contest team were all busy with different plans and that put this back on. But the WX was going to be good. Rally in the"hell on Earth" that is Braehead or Carrick Forest on what should be a good day?

Carrick Forest won.

That’s a view of (L to R) Corserine SS-033, Craignaw SS-096, Mullwharcher SS-073, Merrick SS-028 & Kirriereoch (P150 but not yet added to the DB.)

My apologies to everyone at the stand for my absence… but how many days do you get to play SOTA with WX like that in GM? :smile:

Rarely, rarely comest thou, spirit of delight! A lovely picture, Andy.

You lucky so & so! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (heat exhaustion)

And great turnout at the Scottish Convention. The stand was in constant use - so much so I think it will be two tables next year. In discussion with the organisers they were more than satisfied with the attendance along with the traders who all said they were coming back next year (now the sun blasting through the Arena windows might have addled their brains a bit to this being typical GM wx which of course put us in a good light - hi!) - so it looks like it’s on for next year.

And when did you say you were heading off to Craignaw - just asking!!!



And a wee pic of dubious characters at yesterday’s Convention.

Thanks for all the support!!!

73 til nxt yr