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One of the guys I worked (Karl, N2KZ) on a recent activation of W2/EH-003 is the editor of his ham club’s newsletter. Karl found SOTA so interesting he wrote a nice article about SOTA complete with a few pictures.

Check out the PCARA SOTA article on page 2:

I have also saved a copy of the article in a new folder on the yahoo summits group just for news articles:


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Super article, You and Dave are the leading activators in the States and looking at the data base KE3X is the top chaser. You realise that you have to keep it up now?

I like the two awards that you have added Tom, Any more sightings of the dog? Sean M0GIA

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Good job! and nice article…

Article for SOTA portable style of operation written by Z35M is published in “EMITER”, Macedonian monthly magazine for science and technology .

The article gives detailed explanation for the type of equipment, ways of application on the field and communication effectiveness of the CW QRP station used portable from the summit according to SOTA rules.

You can see the foreword with photos (on Macedonian language):

                                              Vlado, Z35M

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That’s pretty cool (I think the Cyrillic makes it even cooler!) I think spotting the equipment like that is a good reminder of what can be done today with small rigs, since I think many still think of remote “portable” operation as hooking up a 19" rack mount rig to the generator in the car trunk for field day…though maybe introducing a boat-anchor bonus in SOTA could be interesting…1 extra point per ten kilos, no pack goats, of course!

Also, last month I completely failed to mention that an article on SOTA was published in KARL Magazine (Korean Amateur Radio League) in full glossy color glory. Volume 31 Number 2 p. 22-25. It was written in English but translated to and published in Korean.

The English version is here:

and Korean is here:

It focuses more on the creation of the association and call for volunteers more than anything else, but was intended as an intro to the program.


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Hi Jason, It would be great if you could get up and running for the 1st of May…the more the merrier! Sean M0GIA

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I really was hoping for that but realistically we’re looking to finish the databases before May at this point, and with the legwork required to integrate that into the main DB it appears to be more like July when it’ll all come online.

However, judging by the interest here, I can at least rouse up those who are eager to chase from here…probably S2S but don’t think there’ll be S2S points because of the lack of active association yet…

By looking at the alerts, it looks like overnight outings on the summits will be required, too…

I’ll be arranging something, that’s for sure!

Jason HL4/W2VLA