SOTA Article in April's Funk Amateur Magazine

The German “Funk Amateur” magazine has a very complete 4 page article introducing SOTA to those amateurs that have not heard of it. Thomas DL8DBW is the author.

Funk Amateur was the magazine of the East German national soceity and then became an independant magazine when the West German DARC took over responsibility for the whole of Germany.

The style, layout and content is (IMHO) better than in the CQDL magazine produced by the DARC. The magazine has had a SOTA/Berfunk section in every edition for the last few years.

As well as Thomas’s introduction to SOTA and the regular SOTA/Berfunk news section, there is also a very interesting article on operation from Augstenberg in Liechtenstein (2329m ASL). While a battery powered DXPedition rather than a SOTA activation many of the challenges faced are the same. Well done to Uwe (DL4AAE) and Roman (DL3TU) on this adventure and for writing up an interesting article and getting it published.

I am happy to recommend the Funk Amateur magazine with its range of very intersting articles across this hobby of ours. If it were possible to get Thomas’s article translated into other languages I believe it would be a very valuable tool for SOTA to attract new amateurs into our part of the hobby.

73 Ed


In the same issue of “Funkamateur” is a nice report of Frank, DJ2FR of his 3-summit activation in DL/AM.

Hi Ed,

Is the magazine published only in print form? It would be interesting to see the article if it was available online. My German language skills are rudimentary, but there are translation tools out there that give approximations that are usually adequate.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

There are some sample pages (i.e. parts of articles) viewable online here:

click on the “Aktuelle Ausgabe” blue link.

Here’s a rough translation of the article mentioned, for those who are interested: [][1] . As can be seen, there are one or two features which may be of more interest to our German colleagues; nevertheless, as Ed suggests, it could function as quite a good introduction to SOTA.




I don’t know about that being a “rough” translation, I’d say that’s a very good translation Rob. Did you just read and translate the magazine or were you able to use some method to capture the article and then auto-translate and manually correct the text?


Read and translate, unfortunately, Ed… Besides, the article was going too fast to capture :wink:


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A good read, many thanks for the translation Rob.


Victor GI4ONL

I started for over a year to write this article. I am a long-time enthusiastic Sota Activators. I want to help with the article to start in Sota easy. In 3 months, I can provide my script. Then this (only my script - no a scan) can be published on the Internet. If anyone is interested please contact me.

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Hi Thomas

Your article is so well structured that I would like to translate it to Portuguese, to help newbies, here and in Brasil.

Would you alow that ?

If so, it will be published in the only amateur radio magazine in Portugal - QSP.
It’s a non-profit magazine.

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Hello Pedro

You have to wait until July 2016 befor you publish it on the Internet. If you want to publish it in an amateur radio magazineso you have to wait just as long and you have to get in touch with the German magazine. Please contact OM Werner DL2RD redaktion@funkamateur@de . It should not be a problem.

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Thank you Thomas!

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF