SOTA APRS NW England and Wales

Hi folks. I know that a few of you like using APRS out on the hills. I will be setting up a digipeater that should give coverage to quite a number of SOTA Summits. Its callsign is MB7VK and it will be located at a high site in Over Alderley Cheshire. Unfortunately, the site has no power, so for a start it will be on sporadically. I hope to get some solar power sorted out if there appears to be a demand for the digipeater. The plot shows LOS from the site so the radio coverage will be better.


That’s good to hear Richard. I suppose it will reach via your home station?

Yes that’s right. I might well apply to change my home iGate to a full two way APRS station although APRS messaging is as naf as it gets.

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I should add that while it’s a bit temporary, feel free to email me if you need the service and I can ensure that it is deployed. Probably will not matter until after April 12th of course.

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This is MB7VK in operation today. It’s received some packets from over 100 miles away. So there must be a lift on. It will be a lot higher once I get it sorted out.


Off out now. M1EYP-3

I have just upgraded my digipeater to the PLXdigi from Microsat. My Argent Data Systems Tracker 4 was far too unreliable. MB7VK should cover most of the higher points in Wales and the Welsh Borders. No progress on the solar yet so it will be rather temporary.


I have deployed the digipeater today (Saturday). I would encourage anyone with APRS in the G/WB, GW/NW and GW/MW areas to try it. I would like to see what coverage it gives. At the moment it can only receive data, however in the next week or so I will implement two-way messaging.

MB7VK is now a very sophisticated system as you can see.