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I will be QRV tomorrow thursday (if WX is OK) from Hemsön Island IOTA EU-087 and I will be at Skuruberget SM/VN-024. So if you hear me on some IOTA frequency give me a call, and you will also have one SOTA-point.

73 Hans / SM3TLG/P

In reply to SM3TLG:
Very glad to have worked you a few minutes ago on 10MHz. 73 de Mike, EI2CL

In reply to SM3TLG:
Thanks for the QSO and SOTA Unique Hans.

In reply to SM3TLG:
Home again late thursday evening after my trip to Hemsön Island EU-087 and the summit Kvarnberget SM/VN-024. The WX was hot, around 28 degrees C, and therefore the climb was not so easy. I worked around 70 stations on 40 and 30 mtrs, and just when I intended to go to 20 mtrs, I had to quickly go down hill, because of thunder and lightning and heavy rain showers.

73 Hans / SM3TLG

Hans, SM3TLG have sent me pictures and a story from his activation of Hemsön, SM/VN-024.
Check my homepage: http://www.sm5kri.se/?page_id=49


73 SM5KRI Chris

In reply to SM3TLG:
Hello Hans
very good activation, nice pictures
hope to copy in the futur
73’s QRO
f5nep Lionel