SOTA and Humps reference

On Sunday 31 August I activated a ‘Hump’ (P100) from Beacon Hill Nr. Torquay as G4ELZ/P. The reference given was G/HDC-001. Unfortunately somebody spotted me as G/DC-001. Spot the difference ?

If you worked me then please check your uploaded log and delete this entry. Feel free to spot me on the DX Cluster network or, alternatively, go to Thanks for your cooperation. Happy chasing

73 Jeff G4ELZ

Good to hear that you activated Beacon Hill Jeff and thanks for the contact we had when I was on Eggardon Hill G/HSC-004. I too have had the issue of being spotted on SOTAwatch when on a HuMP, but the spotter was actually quite new to SOTA, so perhaps did not understand that there are two series of hills operating under separate schemes. Incidentally, I had to laugh recently when I worked Win Green G/SC-008 from Lambert’s Castle Hill G/HSC-008. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Thanks for responding Gerald. I’ve now purchased a smart phone so will be able to spot my own activations. What more could go wrong HI…Take a look out for me. Maybe I’ll do some more SOTA’s too. 73 Jeff.

I look forward to working you on either set of summits Jeff.

As for smart phones, well I consider mine to be a most useful tool, but often find that I have 5 bars of phone signal and no internet. I have tried to spot using the SMS facility on Rucksack, but when you can’t see whether your spot has worked, it can be most frustrating.

73, Gerald G4OIG

If you follow the @SOTAwatch Twitter account, you can get spots sent to you by SMS. Self-spots by SMS usually go round the loop in a couple of minutes, giving useful confirmation. Plus, of course, indications of potential S-S contacts.

You do of course end up getting rather a lot of text messages…

Martyn M1MAJ

It’s obvious when it has worked… a pileup appears out of nowhere whether you are calling or not.

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Give me that pile up!!! My self-spots are usually for 144.333 SSB. I let the RBN do its work on HF CW :wink:

Whenever I self spot on RRT, within a minute I get an audio alarm and my self spot is shown within RRT.

Only because you have a mobile internet connection active.