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SOTA alert editing

Last month I noticed that SOTA Alerts editing was disabled. Yesterday I made attempt to edit my alert for W6/NS-330, because snow chains are required to drive to the summit, but I still was unable to edit alert to notify chasers about activation cancelation. The only option was to delete an alert completely. Is anybody working to make possible SOTA alerts editing?

73! Oleh

As SOTAWatch v3 is being worked on certain features have had to be disabled in SOTAWatch2 - the editing of Alerts is one of these features. This has already been covered in other threads over the last 6 weeks or so.

You can however (as it says) delete the Alert and create another one - in your case perhaps with the text “Canceled due to Snow” in it’s description.

I would not expect this feature to be re-enabled in SOTAWatch2. I am not part of the MT nor one of the developers so I can’t tell you when SOTAWatch3 will be implemented - sorry.

73 Ed DD5LP.

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Thank you for your information. It is good to know.

73! Oleh