SOTA activity in South-Korea (1-5May)

Hi, OMs :wave:

Me (LB8CG) and Lauris (LB1RH) are traveling to South Korea for short SOTA spring break tour.
We will be active mostly from the Deogyusan national park area. Activations are scheduled for 1-5 May.

We only got permission to use Elecraft radios, but VOACAP showing that even with 10-12W itโ€™s good opportunities for DXing on 15m, 17m bands, so I am crossing fingers and hope in addition to local contacts to get some QSOs with NA, Australia/Oceania and may be even Europe :slight_smile:

We will use HL4/LB8CG and HL4/LB1RH callsigns, so watch the Alerts :wink:

Hope to get as many as possible contacts with SOTA chasers.
To schedule QSO and for real-time coordination please join HL SOTA dxpedition Telegram group (Telegram: Join Group Chat)

73 LB8CG

Update: I updated our call sign, it turned out that we can use HL4 prefix in our area of activity.


Have many good activations, nice experiences and interesting impressions. I wish I could go with you!
Have a safe return.
73 Martin DF3MC


Thanks for chasing me today dear OMs. @F4WBN, @OK2PDT, SV2RUJ you made my day, I got feeling of Norwegian summit here in HL :sunny: with so many familiar chasers!

We will continue tomorrow, watch the alerts!

73 de HL4/LB8CG!


We will drive back to the Seoul today, thanks for the nice chases so far, the most fun it was on the 3rd of May on HL/JB-023 with 12 EU contact including even @EA7GV!

We will try to activate HL/CN-037 on the way back, so watch the alerts, arival time bit unclear because of holiday and potential traffic issues.

DS3FYA was with us on two activations and made these two very nice videos:



Greetings, thanks for the great videos. :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

73 Josรฉ

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