SOTA Activator assists in injured biker rescue

Esther Harper GI0AZA, a member of NI North West RAYNET group, was working on 40M mobile on Monday 1st July from a Worked All Britain square in Fermanagh when she received a May Day call from another amateur, Richard Haynes MW6RBH, a member of Powys RAYNET.
Richard had been asked to help a motorcyclist with a serious leg injury in a remote area of the Cambrian Mountains in West Wales. There was no mobile coverage from any of the providers in that area, so Richard fired up the transceiver in his Land Rover and called for assistance.
Esther, who is a qualified doctor as well as a RAYNET member, replied and, after taking vital information, was able to alert Air Ambulance Wales who responded. Richard, who is also a member of 4x4 Response Wales, waited with the casualty until the Air Ambulance arrived approximately an hour later, landing on a narrow track nearby.
The following day Esther commented on Richard “He was fantastic and was able to provide the full grid reference and all the details which I just passed on to the emergency services.”
Although this was not a RAYNET callout, it is good to see two members working together to the benefit of the unfortunate biker. (Source RAYNET News)


Chapeau bas !

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Good Work. If nothing else SOTA engenders a facility for knowing where you are by GPS grid refs. Hope the biker is recovering. Nice landing by the rotor pilot too.


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@GI0AZA - Great, always pleased to read reports proving that amateur radio is helpful and needs the frequencies for doing so!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


This is amateur radio at its best! Excellent work!

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Wasn’t it though? Both pontoons on the edge of the road…neither on the grass. That’s precision.
My thought is the pilot should have turned 90 to ensure solid footing on the road and not slippery grass.