Sota activations in Sardinia

I make between 1 May and 17 May Holiday at sardinia IS0. I plan there to activate 5 Summit. I look forward to many qso. I will work on 40m and 20m with a FT817 or a FT857 and a linked diopl from Sotabeams.

Hello Thomas
Have a nice holiday in Sardinia and a lot of qso.
Best 73

Hi Thomas!
Have a nice holiday and activation!! I hope to hear you on 40 mt
I suggest some keywords for a special dinner : mallorredus, porceddù, cannonau and then finally, filù ferru. :slight_smile:


Hello Tom,
Have a great time in Sardinia and thanks for past summits.
Will listen out for you.
Good luck.
Night night

I’ll be back between the 23rd of September and the 4th of October. I plan about 10 first activation. I hope for good conditions. Equipment: FT 891 Dipole 40 and 20m (SSB 50 Watt). I am looking forward to many contacts.