Sota activations in Sardinia 2018

I’m back from my Sota activity holiday in Sardinia. Thank you for the many QSOs. There were many hundreds of meters altitude difference to walk and drive kms dirt road.I activated 14 summits. Most of them for the first time. I have now reached over 200 unique summits. The conditions were not so bad. Most of the time I was able to reach over 40 stations. I have worked with an FT891, 70 watts and an dipole (5m above ground invertited V).

24/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-171 (Cuccuru de Monte)
24/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-306 (Monte Armidda)
25/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-029 (Monte Santa Vittoria)
25/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-038 (Monte Serafinu)
26/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-018 (Monte Novo San Giovanni)
27/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-197 (Monte Tare)
28/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-065 (Bruncu Matzeu)
29/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-277 (Monte Ferru)
30/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-308 (Punta Tricoli)
30/Sep/2018 IS0/IS-155 (Monte Oro)
01/Oct/2018 IS0/IS-012 (Bruncu Olinie)
01/Oct/2018 IS0/IS-013 (Monte Orguda)
02/Oct/2018 IS0/IS-068 (Cuccuru Nigheeddu)
03/Oct/2018 IS0/IS-282 (Torre della Pegna)

Thanks to all.


Thanks Thomas for the new ones…Well done!