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SOTA activations by S53MN

This is not my first activation, but is first real HF activation under excelent conditions. I activated Tolsti vrh (S5/KA-017).
Some instructions and impresions about activation on beautiful sunday was wrot on slovenian SOTA forum on this link:
and photos made on this activations was published on my Picasa web album on this link:
Thanks for all, who made QSO with me.
Hope to hear you again on the band :slight_smile:

73 de Andrej - S53MN

In reply to S53MN:

Hi Andrej,

You have wonderful and beautiful landscapes and mountains ! Nice pictures !


In reply to ON6DSL:

Yes, Luc, the landscape is great, and it is very big joy, when you get up from the city fog to our great mountains.
The conditions on Sunday was been great, tempetrature was been about -5 degrees C, the snow was been hard, the sun was been great, what else you can wish? :slight_smile:
Sorry, just when I finished packing my equipments, my friend Miloš - S57D said to me, that you came to the band. Hope to hear you on the band next time, Luc.

All the best an 73,Luc, Andrej - S53MN

Saturday was been full of excelent weather and callin us outdoor. I activated Altemaver, S5/CP-001, 1679 m high mountain in west north part of Slovenia.
Thanks for all, who made QSO with me :slight_smile:
There is a link to same picture of yesterday’s activation :

73 de Andy - S53MN

Some photograps from yesterday’s activation of S5/KS-013 Vrh Korena (1999 m).
Thanks for all, who answer on my CQ :slight_smile:


A short video from today’s activation of Veliki Snežnik, S5/BR-001. Thanks for all QSO’s, I am very thankful.
Thanks, Roy, for spot!

73 and all the best, Andy - S53MN

My Sunday’s activation of Altemaver - S5/CP-001 - 1679 m ASL

A short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPO6LX2Skt4