SOTA Activation (Wendover Woods - G/CE-005) on 60m

Hi Everyone,

I activated Wendover Woods yesterday and have written a blog post with pictures about the activation:

I also made a video of the activation and equipment I use:

Free Parking/Activation Tip: Just before the Aston Hill Mountain Biking car park there’s a lay by (nearest postcode is HP22 5NQ) where you can park for free. The trig point is a 3 minute walk from here! The official summit is over near the Cafe in the Woods, where it costs to park. The activation point there is not as suitable for HF activations (busy, boggy and trees make putting out a dipole difficult!).

Thanks to the chasers for a pleasant and leisurely activation.
60m/5MHz: @M0MDA, @G4WSB, @G8VNW, @G0RQL, @PA0SKP, @G4OBK (Phil, not Colin!), @G4FGJ, @M0IAA

James M0JCQ/P

Also I switched to 40m for a little while and snagged the following chasers: @PA7ZEE, @M0IBC, @ON6ZQ, @G6TUH, @ON5SWA, @DJ5AV, @2E0FEH, @MM1AWV