SOTA activation report: Montafon valley, Austria (summer 2018)

Dear all

2017 in the Bregenzerwald area, now, 2018, around the Montafon valley the most western Austrian state Vorarlberg offers moderate hills or alpine challenges. Montafon is not far from home, and we can even speak our local dialect and they understand us. This, the nice scenery, the simplicity of our village and the familiarity with country and people provided nice holidays, and we could add even some spice with SOTA.

There are the real Alps around Montafon, so I had to master more challenges than last year. But we had success and enjoyed not only the brilliant weather.

So read this report and see the pictures, and maybe you can take ideas from it for you own next holidays?

Edit (23.09.2018): SOTAmaps tracks have been added to the respective summit pages.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

OE/HB9DIZ on Nördlicher Schafgafall, OE/VB-203, and lookout to Lünersee.


A very nice report, thank you Markus.
vy 73 de Matt HB9FVF

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Congratulations, Markus, on this foray into T4 territory! :yum: Thanks for the detailled report – I’m glad to see that you and your partner enjoyed OE/VB, in my opinion a very nice area for SOTA with less “activation pressure” than HB.

Perhaps you could add links to your PDF report to the info pages of the summits that you have activated (e.g. SOTA Summits), to make it easier to find for future activators?

vy 73, Manuel HB9DQM

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Good morning Manuel

The detailed report may be seen as a part of the T4 therapy, hi. And it brings back to mind many details – the brain gets slightly older, so this is a good support for my long-term memory. But beside that i can recommend this region as you say. There are many remaining valleys and summits in-between, so these won’t have been my last OE/VB ones.

The report is linked now to the summit pages. The trails could be captioned for SOTAmaps as a completion, so there are ideas for the winter period of longer days, hi, but QRL is tougher at present.

Enjoy the days and cu,
vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Thanks Markus!
Very nice report. Beautiful countryside there.
All Best, Ken

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