SOTA Activation Presentation in Maryland (USA)

Hi All,
I will doing a SOTA activation demo at Sugarloaf Mountain (W3/CR-003) in Maryland (USA) on October 28th, 2017.
The goal is to introduce the SOTA program to and how to activate a summit to those who haven’t tried it before. The weather here in the DC metro area has been absolutely amazing, dry and sunny so it should be nice up top.

The summit itself, Sugarloaf (why are there so many mountains in the US named Sugarloaf?), is a very small mountain (more like a hill) that is roughly a mile hike up. While it is a 1 pointer, I hope everyone will still attempt to chase us.
Info has been posted on the SOTA alerts page and we will self spot once we get up top. We expect to be OTA around ~1500z +/-. Modes depend on who shows and what they are interested in.
To signup and for more info:

***I don’t think I have posted on here before, so a little about me: My father is a ham and I have been around it all my life, getting dragged to hamfests, club meetings and the like since I was a youngster.

I eeked by with my general and the 5WPM back in the day when it was still required and got my Extra a few years ago. I was the top activator for National Parks on the Air with over 500 activations in 2016.
I am into portable QRP radio, SOTA/POTA and building antennas. My website is where you can read about my latest adventures.

Stuart, KB1HQS