Sota 500

Thanks for the chaser award 500 received today. Next goal to reach is the level of shack-slob…
73 Eric

In reply to DH8DX:
Well done Eric, nice to hear you this morning from the F/EA border, CU on next SOTA ! :wink:
Chris F8DZY.

In reply to F8DZY:
Well I wouldn´t have done it without all enthusiastic SOTA-activators around!

QRX for SOTA-SM on June 1:st…

In reply to SM1TDE:

Hi Eric,Congrats on half a sloth,the other half will soon follow,

73 de Geoff G4CPA, Hej Hej.

In reply to SM1TDE:
Well Done,not easy with little VHF activity round you

In reply to G4RQJ:
In fact there´s no VHF activity at all around me. All my SOTA-QSO bar one on SSB are made on CW on 7 or 10 MHz.
Hope for no changes in the rules resulting in less activity by the DM/TH-guys!