SOTA 3 Peaks

Off to do Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll have a small party with me so won’t be hanging about. 5W of 2M FM only into a dipole.

If I get my contacts, great, if not…

I’d appreciate the Scots listening out for me please. I think that the Ben will be the hardest one to qualify quickly.

Also the WX looks like it might be a bit “tasty”.

Hope to get you in the log!

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Hello Gerald. Thanks for the info. of your 3 Peaks Activation. I hope all goes well for you and your walking party. I will of course be listening for you. Ben Nevis, is far beyond the range of my station. The two other Summits may be possible for me to hear your TX. If possible, will you give as much notice as you can, of the TX times etc. as I may need to travel, (WX. permitting). to high ground too make a QSO. That journey will take at least 20 mins. and as your Activations will be of short duration, I don’t want miss you.
Best Wishes to you all. Paul M0CQE.

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Good luck!

We will be heading north to GM/NS land on Saturday and hopefully up a summit on Sunday. Will probably not be in VHF range but will listen out for you.


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Activated Ben Nevis GM/WS-001 today. WX was pretty horrid, cold, wet and windy. I called CQ a couple of times and got two contacts to activate the hill and then no one else came back immediately. With two people to think of I descended. No points, but a new unique for me and happy clients was the most important thing.

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Well done Gerald.

Good luck with Scafell P and I’ll be listening for you from NW-001.

73 Allan

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Two more VERY quick activations yesterday. Less than 5 mins each. Sorry if you were waiting around for me. It just had to be smash and grab with both due to my client obligations.

Managed to get 4 contacts on LD-001 and NW-001. Great to get some regulars in the log off each.

Rest day today.

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Really sorry Paul. I would have loved to have made it to contact you. But I had no time for updating SOTAWatch. It’s a bit tricky when walking along and the group wasn’t stopping!

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Hello Gerald. Many thanks for your reply. No need to worry my friend. It would have indeed been great to have had a QSO with you yesterday, but of course I understand the situation. Many years ago I often took small groups scrambling, rock climbing, and caving. Of course they must be the main priority and all else, including one’s own enjoyment etc. must be put aside for another time. I hope all went well with your expedition. I am sure, that with your experience the group had a great and memorable time. I did of course, listen for you throughout the day and wondered how you had gone on. There will be many more chances for QSO’s in the future I am sure my friend. Until then Gerald, Good Luck Stay Safe and thanks again. 73 de Paul, M0CQE.

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Thanks for your understanding Paul.
Quick summary
Kit - VX8E on 5W into a 5/8 whip; I’ve widebanded this so I can use it on my Business Radio (Simple UK) frequencies, which I use to speak to my valley support groups and in a serious emergency I can use it on the Mountain Rescue frequencies I usually use with my team.
My wife Sue did some of the driving so I could get some sleep.
All times are UK local (BST).
As a “SOTA activation” this is a poor way to go. But as a quick incidental way to get some limited radio in then it just about works.

Drove up from N. Wales on Friday, to Fort William area.

Walk Saturday 9:45 to 16:10.
GM/WS-001 Ben Nevis, “tourist path”, wet, windy and flippin freezing on the top. Hordes of people. 2 2M FM contacts, then packed up due to horrible WX. 6 mins.

Overnight Saturday/Sunday in Whitehaven.

Walk Sunday 9:50 to 14:10
G/LD-001 Scafell Pike, from Wastwater. Sunny and warm day, with a cold wind on the top, great views, quite busy, but much better than Ben Nevis. 4 2M FM contacts, called a couple of more times and then QRT. <5 mins active. Group wanted to get down, we still had Snowdon to do.

Walk Sunday 19:40 to Monday 00:20.
GW/NW-001 Snowdon, Pen y Pass, PyG track up, Llanberis path down. A lovely evening, but it went very cold as the sun set. 4 2M FM contacts. Called a couple more times and then QRT. <5 mins active. We had to walk down in the dark and then get home.

Home Monday 02:15

Grandson arrived Monday at 09:00 for us to look after… I was a bit tired… (British understatement at its best)


Well done Gerald. Thanks for the contact from Snowdon. Some pics would be nice :slight_smile:

73 Allan

Here you go Allan
Ben Nevis before the rain arrived

Snow in a gully on the summit of Ben Nevis

Summit of Scafell Pike

PyG track on Snowdon

Join of PyG track and Llanberis Path on Snowdon - sunset

Summit of Snowdon

Descending Snowdon in the dark - Clogwyn Station