SOTA 20th Anniversary

It would appear that planning an activation holiday for 20 Dec through 10 Jan would be the best way to earn the most points for the least amount of travel. This would allow you to stay in an area without burning too much petrol. Just pick a group of summits that you can active over the last 10 days of 2022. Then after the new UTC year, retrace your steps and do the same ones during the first 10 days of 2023. For 20 days total activating.

That is the plan I will follow to participate in the 20th anniversary event. The nearest SOTA summit to my home QTH is W5M/MS-001 and is a 400km drive.

W5A-Arkansas association manager


Happy 20th Birthday SOTA. I cannot believe that it’s already 20 years since SOTA started as it doesn’t seem that long ago. Best of luck to everyone with with doing 20 best SOTA activations and chases to achieve the SOTA’s 20th Anniversary awards.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager


To celebrate SOTA’s 20th birthday, I will head out this evening to conduct a 2m FT8 activation from the World’s most activated SOTA summit - The Cloud, G/SP-015.


Happy 20th Birthday and long life SOTA.


To celebrate 20 years of SOTA, from today until the 26th March I’ll be using the callsign GB20SOTA from GW/NW-076 as much as possible.
73, Roger






This is now available, under the Challenges menu → 20th Anniversary SOTA Challenge

Just a reminder that results are sorted by callsign, and presented by Association


Great idea. I would like to point out that I haven’t been hunting more because of the spread. Many stations in Europe do not operate on the bands when propagation is open.
From here we do 10 meters and there’s always Europe contesting. But on the contrary, we never hear Europa, because they only stay at 20 or 40 meters.
So, they need to give opportunity to other continents, assessing the propagation conditions at the time of the operation.
Same goes for USA


Just notice Carlos! Merry christmas my friend !
73 Chris

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We prayed for snow on Christmas or Hanukkah, but apparently there are several deities and they all responded with a couple of metres of snow from each. Now, our antennas won’t radiate through all that frozen H2O. Help. Could someone please provide the email addresses for these big omnipotent dudes, or at least forward my request for an off-season heat wave to reverse their collective mistakes in time for us to catch the KD5ZZK marathon activation trip ??

Thanks, and happy holidays

Elliott, K6EL


It is my understanding that the 20th Anniversary Challenge has ended. When and where do I find the 20th Anniversary Certificates? A quick look under Product Menu/Awards/Certificates didn’t show the Challenge category. As always, many thanks for your service to SOTA.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

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They’ve not been designed yet!


Ooops!! Sorry if I jumped the gun.
Mike, WB2FUV

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. Excitement about the upcoming 10m Challenge reminded me of this previous challenge. The initial post in thread said “These certificates will be downloadable from the database and will be free of charge.” Were those certificates ever produced? Probably me looking in the wrong place but I have tried a couple of times and never found a download … or did I just not qualify for the certificate?

To the best of my knowledge you are the first person to request such a certificate and nothing has been designed as nobody wanted one. You should contact Barry GM4TOE privately (use the contact MT form or PM him on here) and see what is available.

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It is like it is…

I probably misunderstood it too. I took it as a kind of competition and planned my activations accordingly… and I’m actually pretty sure I’m pretty far at the top of the list. But there is no complete list and probably no certificates either…

That’s why I don’t know what to think about the 10m event.

73 Armin


Hi Armin,
I also expected a complete list. It’s not very complicated to do…
I probably didn’t understand either, but it’s unfortunate because it doesn’t motivate much…
Chris F4WBN

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Sorry guys (and gals), when this was on I was going through some health problems and completely forgot.
If Andy can provide me with the information I will see about getting something available for download in the next couple of weks