SOTA 0 v NHS 1 ish

Just updated my blog with a tale of doom and despondency about why I haven’t been activating recently and why I had to cancel last weeks 6 summit push through SW Wales. Blog available here

73 Glyn

Very very sorry to hear your news Glyn and to realise why your alerts for SW were removed. As you know we were in the area for the week and managed a fair few summits but the weather was generally poor with low cloud and frequent bouts of rain (despite hopeful forecasts). We had such an epic on Thursday evening on Mynydd Marchywell (an account will appear in due course…) that we couldn’t stand the thought of another summit on Friday and I went flower-hunting on the sand dunes at Kenfig and Rod had a rest after completing 5 days of orienteering (and being dragged up SOTA summits). The weather improved on Saturday (of course) so we knocked off a couple on our way home and ascended Mynydd Twyn Glas (above Cwmbran) from the west and found it a very pleasant walk up the track despite the masts and pylons. To be recommended.

Your injury sounds a much worse version of whatever I did to my foot about 3 weeks ago on Gisborough Moor (TW-003) when my right foot landed down into a deep groove, where I had thought the ground was flat, with a sharp pain on the way. I limped back to the car wondering what I had done and taking the weight as much as possible on the trekking pole, chanting RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) as I walked. The next day a sports ankle bandage was bought but it was designed for a sprained ankle - not the swelling and black bruise on the side of my foot - but it did help. I was lucky in that I knew immediately I had done something so I elevated the foot as much as possible, took arnica didn’t walk for a few days and didn’t cycle for 10 days. As you can gather it has improved a lot, I’m not using the bandage any longer but just occasionally I get a tweak (from a stone or piece of uneven ground) so I know it is still there and I have got to keep an eye on it. I very much hope that your injury responds to rest and then gradual exercise. We, also, are booked to be in the Lakes in October and I hope our visits coincide and we can get some slightly more exciting s2s than in South Wales. Good luck

Viki M6BWA

Hi Glyn

Thanks for the link to the report. Sorry to hear about your accident but I hope you will soon be on the mend. I listened for you and kept an eye on the spots the day you were on Snowdon…nothing heard. For me to hear someone on 001 they have to be facing South if using just a handheld. Anyway, Val and I should be back on the hills next week sometime and LD in October sounds like something we should aim for if Rod and Viki are also heading up that way way…keep me posted.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Viki we are in Lakes 23 - 28 Oct. Prime reason to celebrate my 60th.

Hi Allan Conditions on Snowdon summit were attrocious, I could hardly stand up right so wasnt going to hang around once qualified.

73 Glyn