SOT Activations with logger32

Good afternoon
I am using logger32 for general logging and now I would use for SOTA.
Uptill now, as chaser I was using user1 field to record and then exporting with ADI2CSV, for SOTA csv file generation and upload.
The problem comes while trying to use USER2 field to store because this one -I noticed later- is limited to 8 chars.
So, finally, my question…
How are you doing -if any- ?
Thank you
73 from Mikel, EA2CW (just starting)

Hi Mikel

The recently introduced ADIF fields are actually MY_SOTA_REF and SOTA_REF. But I don’t think these are in any updated version of Logger32 yet.

In Logger32 I have been using the QTH field to record the SOTA ref worked, and the Comments field to record the SOTA ref activated. I will no doubt do some work to reformat my data if/when Logger32 brings in the new ADIF specification.


In reply to EA2CW:
HI Mikel

It’s probably worth asking Bob Furzer the writer of Logger32 via an open question on the Logger Forum if he could extend the character length of the USER1 field from 8 to 10 characters. He did this recently with field USER2 after I e-mailed the Logger32 Forum stating that I was having a problem logging 10 figure SOTA references as the field would not take a 10 character reference.

He may well oblige you on the next update.

73 Phil

But the next update will presumably see the addition of the new SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF fields anyway, as they are in the latest specification of ADIF?


In reply to M1EYP:
Yes maybe Tom, but I’m happy to continue using the existing USER1 field. If I change the summits entry field for chasing to the new SOTA_REF I would have to restructure the last eight years data in my logbook which has been entered into the USER1 field. It probably could be done using notepad, but I would only consider doing it if there was an advantage as USER1 serves me well for ADIF to CSV conversions for uploading to the database.

73 Phil

PS I think Bob Furzer gets uptight when things like the ADIF spec get updated. Can’t blame him I suppose… There is always the possibility he will ignore the update as it may cause him some work I expect to include it in Logger 32.

SOTA is pretty major and worldwide. I dare say it is already bigger than several of the awards and ADIF headers supported currently by Logger32. It is surely a matter of time…

I agree, reformatting (in my case) 12 years of SOTA activator and chaser data will be a pain, but certainly doable in Excel or CSVed, and I will do it if/when Logger32 begins to support the new ADIF spec.


In reply to M1EYP:
Very good Tom. If that happens then I would appreciate a step by step guide to how it can be done RTFM!!

73 have a good weekend - by the way 8 of us from the walking group (including G4OOE and G0VWP) are trogging up Great Whernside from the Masham side on Sunday. We’ll just be on 2m FM for a short stay. On Wednesday I’m catching the train down to Malvern to do some 2m FM work with Geoff M6PYG (my driver!) on some of the easier summits in the SW/WB/MW area to boost my SOTA Complete score, Weds PM, Thursday, Friday WX permitting.

The activator is King - OK? (Thank you for being there chasers)

Phil G4OBK