Sorry to all chaeser yesterday for OE/TI-170

Yesterday I was on OE/TI-170 for a verry short time. The wind was blowing verry strong and cold. ( Windspeed 80 km/h + ) After 5 minutes on the top I can´t feel my fingers. The wind demontage the antenna within seconds. So I close the spot after two QSO´s

At the next storm I will make it better :wink:

Sorry to all Chaesers


Hallo Reinhard,

Safety First ALWAYS!

You did the right thing packing up. I’m sure all SOTA activators reading this would agree - there is no reason to risk your health just for a few radio contacts!

73 Ed DD5LP.


Hallo Reinhard,

There is nothing more important than your health and survive.
Do not worry about anything.

73, Jarek