Sorry if I got too long chasing N1OIE

Dear american chasers,
I want to apologise if I seemed to get too long and repeated too many times my callsing when I chased N1OIE at 21h30z on May 9th, but he seemed a CW beginner and everytime I heard him sending my callsign for confirmation, I only copied A2IF and I wanted to make sure he copied the E in the beginning.
I’ve experienced this problem with US beginners before, when they are not used to copy international callsigns and being mainly familiar with US callsigns, they don’t expect something unusual like an EA prefix and they tend to believe my callsign is A2IF, which is not an actual US callsing but it resembles in some way those US callsigns starting by A. AJ2, AK2, AF2, etc.
After so many repeats during our QSO, I’m not sure yet that he finally got the E in the beginning of my callsign.
I’ll have a look at his activation log tomorrow.


Not a problem, Guru. I believe you analyzed it correctly. Why not just e-mail him at:

BTW, I called him using his call at 15WPM, then mine, at 5WPM. Got it on first try!
Also, very nice 529 signal here in AZ from you.


ALCON. Sorry I missed that and messed that up. Yeah, I’m new at the CW game and frankly don’t have the time between SOTA adventures to devote to lots of practice. Again, I’m a mountaineer first and Ham second. I know it must be frustrating for chasers, but I try my best to never leave one behind, on top of the mountain. So, Sorry Guru. Maybe next time. :grinning:. Cheers.