Sorry for the Confusion

On Monday the 26th while on Mt. Leconte, I worked and spotted W4TJE on W4V/WV-007 on 40m.

On Tuesday the 27th, we waited for a thunderstorm to pass before activating W4C/CM-013. As we got setup we could hear the next thunderstorm approaching. As we were in a hurry to complete the activation before the storm arrived, I didn’t check to see which callsign was being spotted when I self spotted. It really was me on W4C/CM-013.

On Wednesday the 28th while on W4C/WM-001 we did not have network access at the top. We had it on the way up, but at the top we probably really had too many cell sites visible. I use Rucksack Radio Tool. RRT reverted to W4V/WV-007 for the summit designator since it didn’t have network access. I manually corrected it to W4C/WM-001. My wife, KB7LLB, then took the phone around the summit trying to find a location were she could get a spot sent. She was eventually successful, but some event on the phone caused the summit reference to revert back to W4V/WV-007 and that was what was spotted. I set the summit reference manually again when going to 40m. My wife then went looking for a hotspot. Again, something caused RRT to revert to W4V/WV-007 before the spot was sent. Sorry for all of the confusion. I really was on W4C/WM-001.

Thanks to all the chasers for looking for and working me.

Doug, N7NGO