Sorry for short activations - it is VERY cold up there right now ;-)

Dear Chasers:
I am sorry that I had to keep my activations on DL/AL-109 (Wannenkopf), DL/AL-108 (Riedberger Horn), DL/AL-111 (Weiherkopf), and DL/AL-110 yesterday and today very short - it is currently very cold in the Bavarian Alps, sometimes down to -10 degrees, so you really get cold quickly.

Thanks for chasing and your understanding!

73 de Martin, DK3IT


Hi Martin,

Might have the same situation tomorrow. At 1500 m sunny but temperatures in the -13 °C range forecast (still -6°C in the valley). Might only do a short VHF activation. Let’s see how strong the sun will be and I can setup for HF.

Hope your activations were a success.

73 de Joe

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