Sorry for messing up CW on HB/SZ-003 today...

Hey all

I’m sorry that I suddenly disappeared in the middle of a CW pile-up today. There was a strong, cold wind on the summit, blowing lots of drift snow in my direction. Some of the snow got into the paddle messing up the contacts. I was unable to send two consecutive letters at all. I think I definitely need some more clearance between the contacts of the paddle to avoid this. Thanks to everyone who tried to chase me - hope to catch you another time.

Here are some pictures of the landscape and HB9HRM who was on the summit with me:

73 de Beni HB9HNT


Wow !! Fantasitic photos Beni.


My respect for those activating this summit during the winter period. Cf. video and pix from summer activations on the summit page HB/SZ-003 . . . :sunglasses:

73, Markus HB9DIZ

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The important thing is that you are safe nothing else matters
de W6LEN / Jess


Amazing photos and much respect for the summit!

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