Sorry for cancellation of SOTA activation of DL/AM


sorry for cancelling the activation of DL/AM-015 (Grubenkopf) at 20m. Today I planned the activation of three summits. The WX forecast was very good for today. They announced high temperatures and lots of sun. But the forecast also said that there would be a risk for rain and thunderstorm in the late afternoon. … guess what happend. :wink:

When I was at the second of the summits wx was still okay, there were some clouds in the sky, but nothing to worry about. So I decided to hike to the third summit. As I arrived at DL/AM-015 the weather had already changed. There were more clouds than sky, and the clouds looked as if it could start to rain in a moment – but it didn’t. I was looking around, but could not see any rain. And I also couldn’t hear any thunder. Fine! Let’s start the activation.

I raised my HF-Antenna and turned on my tranceiver. At this summit I wanted to start the activation at 2m and finish with 20m. The activation started very well. I only had to call once, and had three contacts in my log. Then I heard a thunder. Not so good. I called again to get one more contact to qualify for the points. Nothing happened. Even worse. Disappointed I removed my HF-Antenna, and gave it a last try. Fortunately now I got a reply at 2m, and could add two more contacts in my log. Phew! I stuffed everything in my backpack and left the summit. - But no activation at 20m. :frowning:

15 minutes later it started to rain and to hail. There were some trees where I could take cover. While I was waiting that it would stop with hailing, I heard it thundering again. This time it was really close to me. Uargh! After a few minutes it stopped with hailing, and could hike back to the valley. When I arrived at my car the sun was shining again. It seemed as if there has never been a thunderstorm, but I was wet from head to toe. :smiley:

Nevertheless it was a great tour. I met nice people, and the trail is really enjoyable – especially the descent from the last summit - haha. I want to thank you for all the contacts at every of the three summits.

Hear you on the next summit! (Hopefully including 20m)
73 Jana DG5WU

In reply to DG5WU:

Hi Jana,

Nothing to apologise for, your safety and comfort comes firt.

Many thanks for all the contacts and points

73 de Ken G3XQE

Absolutely right to cancel under those conditions Jana, as Ken said your
safety comes first.Many thanks as always for the activations.
Pleased to hear you qualified the summit. 73/88 Don.

In reply to DG5WU:

Hello Jana, look after yourself and don’t be concerned about chasers :wink:

I think you are one of the most consistent and reliable activators. Thanks for all the summits.

Best wishes