Sorry for abrupt end to W4G/NG-005 activation

Sorry to anyone who was hoping to work me on either 30 or 60M while I was on Tray Mtn. W4G/NG-005. I was operating in a light rain that suddenly became a much heavier rain while I was on 40M. Not sure if it was rain static or some other source of QRN, but I had horrible noise levels on the band that made it impossible to copy anyone. I switched to 30M but had the same QRN issues there.

A few other adverse factors cropped up around the same time – I learned my bothy bag isn’t waterproof, so the rig, logbook and me started to get wet. My cellphone rebooted 3 times. My TeNeKe paddles started acting up. The place where I was sitting was rapidly filling with water.

So with all this excitement, I decided it was a good time to go QRT and hike back down the mountain before things got any worse. Sorry if I missed any chasers.

I brought my Harbor Freight tarp with me for the next 2 summits, which helped even though it is too small and heavy. I’ll be getting a better tarp for the future, as today assured me activations in the rain are possible with ALL the right gear – I lacked the right tarp ;-).

Thanks to everyone who chased me today!

73 Paula k9ir


It happens. Last weekend I got on my summit and it was 50+ MPH wind and snowing. No way I was going to be able to operate HF in that, so I did a quick 2m activation and got the heck off that summit before I froze to death!

Thanks for NG-001 and NG-035! See ya next time :cold_face:


You could also check into using a bothy bag too Paula. I have used my Bothy on two summits as wind protection. It packs down small, and is lightweight

My commiserations. Rare, but I too have experienced static noise that prevented me continuing to operate. Also the water gets everywhere, key, rig, back of neck. It is time to pack up and leave, it is just a hobby!

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Could not hear you on the first summit…kept listening and tried different antennas. Finally got you on the second one. My heart goes out to you in the weather you picked. Thanks for taking the time to activate. I just looked at those BOTHY bags. I am getting one for sure. CU on the bands.
de John Paul // AB4PP CW4EVER

Ugh…lemmee get this straight: you do this for fun, do you?


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Heck yeah it’s fun! I’d rather be freezing my butt off on a summit than sitting here in a warm office wishing I was out there :smile:



I was out on the bluffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that day. I got set up just after you finished on 20m. Stuck around until you activated your second summit but no joy. I could hear many of the chasers including West Coast working you but unfortunately, the propagation gods were not looking favorably on the path between us. Catch you next time!

Paul CT7/K9PM

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Jamie, tnx for the idea. I did use my bothy but learned it isn’t waterproof. However, as you note, it is excellent for protecting against wind and cold. I usually can operate without gloves in the winter when using it.

Paul, I’m sorry I missed you. Don’t hesitate to request a return to a band. If I have cell coverage and get the message, I always try to go back to a particular band if someone missed me.

Tnx to all for your understanding. I bought some inexpensive dacron rope at the Orlando Hamvention to set the tarp up better in case I decide to activate a few summits in the rain on my return trip next week. Hoping to apply the lessons learned from this week.

73 Paula k9ir