Sorry about G/LD today

Sorry to any one who might have been listening for me today in G/LD but the cloud cover was very low and I decided that it was worth chancing an activation. So to make use of the time I scout around some of the parking spots for future reference.

When I got to LD-021 Robinson there was only slight cloud cover of the summit but as I got out of the car it started raining. It was still raining after I’d eaten my sandwiches (in fact its still raining now and its nearly 7 o’clock) so I abandoned it for today. I don’t mind getting wet when the ambient temp in the 20s but not when its only 10c.

Tomorrows forcast is a bit more promising so will try again. Its a good job that the trip from Essex to here wasn’t just for SOTA or I would have realy been less than pleased.