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Something Fishy on the Air?

At 13:18 UTC I heard OK2SAM/P calling CQ SOTA on 10.117 from OK/KA-047. There being no other takers I replied and had a 459 report. Can anyone confirm this activation, please.

I later listened for OK2PYA/P on OK/VY-062 but heard nothing.

Many thanks, Dave, G6DTN

In reply to M0DFA:

Hi dave

I saw an alert for OK2SAM on 10,117 KHz at 1323 but the only station on that freq was OK2PYA.I copied him (Robert) but never heard OK2SAM.


In reply to G4SSH:
Thanks, Roy. I heard 'SAM call cq SOTA several times before I replied. I spotted him as he hadn’t already been spotted, but perhaps I was his last chaser. His calls were quite clear, even to my untrained ears, but I won’t claim the points until there is confirmation that 'SAM activated the summit concerned. Surprised that I couldn’t hear OK2PYA, which made me wonder about the validity of the activation I heard.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN

In reply to M0DFA:

You should believe in yourself more Dave!

OK2SAM’s activation of OK/KA-047 yesterday has appeared in the database. You are one of the six chasers in the log.

Interestingly, the RBN did not “hear” him, but neither did it “hear” OK2PYA’s almost-simultaneous operation. It seems that RBN is a little patchy on 30m, although it’s still a useful resource in finding weak CQers.

73 de Les, GO3VQO