Some Stats

A brief analysis of the Spots for Saturday and Sunday 2nd & 3rd May: this suggests there were 89 summits activated on Saturday and 64 on Sunday, with 149 unique summits over the 2 days. 94 activators were spotted on Saturday, 67 on Sunday, 140 unique activators spotted over the 2 days.

By any standards, the International SOTA Weekend has been a great success!


Great work Joe - thanks. I tried to get through to you for a S2S from G/SP-013 on Saturday, but your pile-up was huge and had the beating of me! And, like others have hinted, it was difficult to stick around and be patient in a pile-up, knowing that there were multitudes of other activations waiting to be worked. I think at the time I heard you activating EI/IE-003, there were six different SOTA activations transmitting simultaneously between 7.029 and 7.034. More if you include the SOTA stations that were trying to call in for S2S!

It would be nice to see the stats for the number of associations involved, and the band/mode combinations used as well.



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By any standards, the International SOTA Weekend has been a great

Maybe it should be an annual event?



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True figures are probably 10% better still. A lot of multi-activator activations were only spotted under the initial call. I also heard stations working S2S contacts who were not spotted on their own QRG and a few station have already complained they worked no regular chasers and so were not spotted.

Anyway, it was a great weekend.

Steve GW7AAV

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Hi Tom, working from the Spots only, it looks like 19 associations were active over the weekend: DM, EI, F, G, GI, GM, GW, HA, HB, LA, OE, OH, OK, ON, S5, SM, SV, W2, Z3

As regards band/mode combinations, on HF, all bands from 10m to 80m (except 12m) were spotted - generally with both CW and SSB where permitted by the band plan. On VHF and upwards, there were spots on 6m, 4m, 2m 70cms and 3cm (10 GHz). It looks like 40m CW was the busiest of all the band/mode combinations.

Just a comment about S2S: one difficulty I experienced on Saturday, was that many of the other summits I heard were not giving out their call signs or reference numbers; this may be fine for a chaser sitting in a shack looking at the Alerts page on SOTAwatch, but not much use to me while sitting on top of a windy mountain more than 800 metres asl!


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Maybe it should be an annual event?

My understanding from the outset was that it was intended to be an annual event.

73, Gerald

I think it was more that it could become an annual (or twice-annually) event IF this one was a success. It was, so I’m sure there will be another event. Some people preferred the idea of an ISW in August, so maybe that will now go ahead.