Some statistics for 3k activator points

As promised here are some stats for my summits so far. The distances walked, cycled and the heights climbed were calculated by putting the routes used into Memory Map 1:50,000 maps. The distances driven were calculated on Microsoft Autoroute.

I hope someone finds them of interest.

73s Robin. GM7PKT

Summits –
1st K - 135
2nd K – 156
3rd K - 189.
Total - 480
Before SOTA and for the first 1k, I seldom climbed tops less than 760m (2500ft). SOTA has encouraged me to explore many of the lower tops which I probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

Height climbed / cycled –
1st K – 104,648m (343,333ft)
2nd K – 97,817m (320,922ft)
3rd K – 108,883m (357,228ft)
Total – 311,348m (1,021,483ft)

Distance walked –
1st K – 1298km (811 miles)
2nd K – 1178km (736 miles)
3rd K – 1329km (831 miles)
Total – 3805km (2378 miles)

Distance cycled –
1st K – 47km (29 miles)
2nd K – 85km (53 miles)
3rd K – 45km (28 miles)
Relatively short distances, I find cycling a form of torture, especially with a heavy rucksack full of SOTA gear.

Distance driven –
1st K – 11768km (7355 miles)
2nd K – 10145km (6341 miles)
3rd K – 8327km (5204 miles)
Total – 30241km (18900 miles)
I suspect the distance driven / 1000 points is much higher for most other MGs. I have so many hills right on my doorstep!

1st K –
Max height climbed in 1 day - 2034m (6673 ft) WS-059, 076 & 025 – 25-Apr-2004.
Max distance cycled / walked – 29.8km (18.6 miles) CS-023 12-Jul-2003.
Max distance driven – 366km (229 miles) CS-038 & 030 09-Aug-2003.

2nd K –
Max height climbed in 1 day – 2286m (7500 ft)
Max distance cycled / walked – 56.3km (35 miles) WS-091, 088 & 081. 07-Aug-2004.
Max distance driven – 347km (217 miles) CS-011 & 020 25-Sep-2004.

3rd K –
Max height climbed in 1 day - 1588m (5210 ft) WS-055 & 113 31-Mar-2007.
Max distance cycled / walked – 27.8km (17 miles) WS-201 04-Dec-2005.
Max distance driven – 331km (207 miles) WS-103 & 109 13-May-2007.

For the 2nd & 3rd K I did a calculation - height climbed / points gained. I call it the “degree of difficulty” for the hill. The average is about 170m / point. The maximum was for 773m/point for WS-309, a remote 1 pointer which involved a climb of 773 metres and a walk of 17.5 km. There a shorter route to this hill but it involves a difficult river crossing which was rejected on the day of the activation as there had been a thunderstorm the previous night.

Maximum QSOs on 1 summit – 57 on WS-001 Ben Nevis on 09th June 2006. Bands used were 3.5, 5, 7, 50, 144 & 433 MHz.

Longest time to obtain 4 QSOs on a summit – 4 hours : 01 minutes on WS-173 Mam na Gualainn, 21st Dec 2003.

Fantastic statistics Robin. I know I keep a record of my summit trips, but nothing like this amazing detail. Thanks for sharing it with us.

In reply to GM7PKT:
Staggerring stuff Robin - this deserves to reach a wider audience!
Expand the detail, add some pics and put the lot in a gloss cover - I for one would snap it up if I saw it on a WH Smith bookshelf.
73 de CRIS

Fascinating details - I would hate to estimate that final killer figure; just how much it has all cost. Fuel, tyres, boots, walking gear, radio equipment, Memory Map, pencils, logbooks, Kendal mint cake and good single malt ;0)

Guess I’ll never be in the same league until I grow wings. I will be listening for you as you earn the next 3,000 points.
Thanks for all the chaser points and the odd summit to summit.

Well done.
73 Steve GW7AAV

I love stats; they tell you a lot. Especially if they are that impressive Robin!


In reply to GM7PKT:

Told you it would be impressive. Super stats!

Would it be ok to publish in the forthcoming FM NEWS - under Andy’s new SOTA Column (note Andy - will be in contact) - just as an extract as I’m sure you will put together an article for some future NEWS or indeed for more grandeous publications - hi!

Be talking to you!!


Jack (;>)

In reply to GM7PKT:

Truly awesome Robin, thanks for sharing these with us.

Look forward to working you from a few more!

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to GM7PKT:

Phenomenal feat Robin! I have just taken my head out of my hands and dried my eyes after wondering how mere mortals could hope to match this.

I couldn’t agree more with your comments about using a bicycle - devilish machines of absolute torture.

Hope to work you soon from another summit and possibly re-visit the meet on a hill.

73 and heartiest congratulation

Barry GM4TOE

In reply to GM7PKT:

Hi Robin,

Amazing stats and such dedication. I don’t see prep time listed anywhere. That must equate to half a lifetime in itself!

Well done! Dare I ask whether you have a challenge as yet unattained?

73, Gerald

In reply to GM7PKT:
Thank you Robin. Your statistical summary is extremely informative and shows activity which is nothing short of breathtaking and as yet, unprecedented. Congratulations once again on a steady, consistent and indeed, superhuman effort!

Below are some of the equivalent data for G4YSS. As you will see, they are significantly ‘adrift’ of your magnificent record on just about everything except miles driven! This may or may not be typical for England (largely because of the distance to summits from my particular QTH) but it perhaps reflects the relative difficulty of activating in GM and G. This is something confirmed in sorties north of the border.

If you had applied your efforts in G, you might have had 5 thousand or more points to your name by now! There is also the effect on WX of higher latitudes to take into account and the fact that much of your activating has been done on the 2m band, adding still more difficulty (in GM).

This is not a criticism of the way SOTA has been set up between these two countries. By its nature, it can never be a level playing field and that has to be generally accepted.

Summits –
1st K - 132
2nd K – 139
3rd K – N/A
(Total to date: 293 at average 7.44 for current score: 2180)

Height climbed / cycled –
1st K – 53,753m (176,353ft). 51% of Robin’s figure.
2nd K – 52,000m (170,602ft). 53% of Robin’s figure.
3rd K – N/A
Total to date: 116,157m (381,088ft). Only 37% of Robin’s 3k figure.

Distance walked –
1st K – 827km (536 miles). 66% of Robin’s figure.
2nd K – 877km (545 miles). 74% of Robin’s figure.
3rd K – N/A
Total to date: – 1896km (1178 miles). Just 50% of Robin’s 3k figure.

Distance cycled to date – Less than 20 miles. (Agreed…your comments!)

Distance driven –
1st K – 22,541km (14,006 miles). 190% of Robin’s figure.
2nd K – 27,843km (17,300 miles). 332% of Robin’s figure.
3rd K – N/A
Total to date: – 54,710km (33,994 miles)
Regrettably, no hills on my doorstep. Only envy!

To date:
Max height climbed in 1 day – 1984m (6,509ft) 11-Mar-2007. 87% of Robin’s figure.
(Max height climbed in 3 days – 3886m (12,750ft) 9 x GW/NW, 25 to 27 May-2003.)
Max distance driven in 1 day – 612km (380 miles) SB1, SB6 & NP24. 07-Dec-2003.
Max distance walked - 38.6km (24 miles) 3 Peaks of Yorkshire (set walk), 02-Mar-2004.
Average ascent per activator point is 53m. A mere 31% of Robin’s figure of 170m and a true reflector of GM difficulty!

Thanks for publicizing your figures Robin; would love to meet you one day. Failing that, I’ll get a copy of the book that Cris suggested you should write!

73, John G4YSS.