Some days out are worth remembering

23rd Dec 2006

Operating from NP-017 Fountains Fell using my Yaesu FT-817ND, 2.5W on 2M SSB into my Diamond A144S 5 element yagi. Here is just a sample from my log that day:-

13:16 F2YT Paul - JO01gi
13:23 DJ5NU Fred - JO31gh
13:25 DK1PZ Heinz - JO41th
13:32 DL1ERD Ekki - JO31in
13:36 F6DVY Peirre - JO10bv
13:40 F5APQ Jack - JO00xu
13:42 F6FLB Pierre
13:44 F4EMG Oliver - JO00wu
13:46 DL8EBW Guy - JO31nf
13:47 ON4ZN Walter - JO21fb
13:50 F0DMU Phillipo - JO10lp
13:52 DH2DAM Ralf - JO31ph
13:57 DL8YE Chris - JO31mh

The ‘G’ stations barely got a look in that day because stations from France, Germany and Belgium were much stronger. I was above the clouds that day witnessing a superb inversion. I was told that I was by far the stongest station coming from the UK that day. No doubt a case of being in the right place at the right time. Earlier that same day I activated Horse Head Moor and there was nothing on 2M SSB.

So, anyone else have a day worth remembering out on the hills playing radio?

73 Chris 2E0FSR

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So, anyone else have a day worth remembering out on the hills playing radio?

Although one or two days are worth forgeting most of my SOTA outings have been worth remembering. The problem is the memory is not what it was, so that is one reason for writting activation reports on my website, so I can read them and remember the good times.

Certainly looks like you had a good one that day. It seems like forever since there was a good opening on 2m. I can remember one night telling my XYL Helen to go to bed and I would follow her when the DX had stopped coming through. I got to bed at 4am and was back up working EU stations at 7am, tired but happy. I have yet to be in such a position on a summit. I came close one day but I had already been at it for four hours when an opening started and I had all but used all my battery power.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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24/12/06 the day after Chris`s activation I was on G/SP-007 Fair Snape Fell with G4BLH & 2E0HJD (M0PVA), after doing HF, I worked the following:-

12:22z PA3DZL 433MHZ SSB Jack JO21HM
12:25z DJ3HW 433MHZ SSB Joe JO42LH
12:27z G3RMD 433MHZ SSB Frank, Cheltenham
12:29z PE1EWR 433MHZ SSB Frank JO11SL
12:32z DK1KJG 433MHZ SSB Jurgen JO30NT
12:34z DL5YEE 433MHZ SSB Klaus JO42GF
12:35z DL3YEE 433MHZ SSB Klaus JO42GE
12:36z 2E1FJP 433MHZ SSB Barry, Preston
12:37z G0RQL 433MHZ SSB Don, N Devon
12:38z G4JZF 433MHZ SSB Graham, Walsall
12:39z GW4BVE 433MHZ SSB John, Welshpool
12:40z DJ9UX 433MHZ SSB Klaus JO31MD
12:43z PA1TK 433MHZ SSB Theo JO22IJ
12:44z SP1JNY 433MHZ SSB J073GL
12:46z PE1BTL 433MHZ SSB Pierre JO21QP
12:47z G4OBK 433MHZ SSB Phil, Pickering
12:48z DJ9MG 433MHZ SSB Peter JO52TC
12:49z DD1OP 433MHZ SSB Ottmar JO42NG
12:50z DG4OAI 433MHZ SSB Thor JO52AE
13:09z M0SGB/P 144MHZ SSB Steve on Boulsworth Hill
13:12z DL7OK 144MHZ SSB Diet JO31KL
13:14z F/G4YLQ 144MHZ SSB Roger IN98MJ
13:17z F5DYD/P 144MHZ SSB Jean JN03KN
13:19z DL5ME 144MHZ SSB Mario JO52SD
13:22z PC5D 144MHZ SSB Tom JO21WA
13:24z DK7LZ 144MHZ SSB Reinhard JO30MP
13:26z DK6EO 144MHZ SSB Helmut JO31MK
13:27z F5VGG 144MHZ SSB Georges IN88EO
13:29z G4USW 144MHZ SSB Bill, Barrow
13:31z DJ3RH 144MHZ SSB Lothar JO30OT
13:33z PE1IVF 144MHZ SSB JO21IT
13:35z ON5IS 144MHZ SSB Bernard JO20EI
13:37z PA3CNX 144MHZ SSB Peter JO31PH
13:39z DH2DAM 144MHZ SSB Ralf JO31PH
13:40z PD4JP 144MHZ SSB Pierre Rotterdam

FT817 into 3ele sotabeam for 2m & 3ele logperiodic DH3ZK on 70cms.

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So, anyone else have a day worth remembering out on the hills playing radio?

1st time I called CQ on 7.032 with my awful CW skills and worked 5 contacts from the top of the world (Ben Hope NS-020). Success on the key plus views that have few equals.

Second best time when the dude was winched down from a Navy Rescue helicopter to see me on the summit of Stob Binnein SS-002. We had a chat about radio, mountains, rescues and hill races finishing off with him saying they’d go and practice on another mountain so their rotorwash and noise didn’t bother me!

I’m hoping the next VHF Fun Day will be another day to remember Chris.


In reply to G1INK:
Hi Steve
Impressive list!
Do you have any info on the DH3KZ log periodic? Is it commercial or homebrew?
Looking for something small and light for 70cm.

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Hi Tim, I mistyped the c/s - it was DH3ZK Wolfgang who used to be a fairly prolific activator. Wolf had a stall at Friedrichshafen selling various things & thats where I got my antenna. I bought a new one this year - a double quad for 70cms & a length of ecoflex 10 with plugs. Once I get round to assembling the feedline Ill be heard on 70cms again. There is a good design for a quadruple quad that folds up by GW0VMW on the yahoo group - I`ll find a link & post on here.

found it -

Looking for something small and light for 70cm.

Hi Tim,

SB6 is another good option.


In reply to M1EYP:
Cheers Tom
I have had a couple of attempts at home brew 70cm, not too happy with the performance. 2m, 6m and 23cm all ok, its just 70cm!

Mine isn’t homebrew Tim, I bought it from Sotabeams. I’m not very good at homebrew :frowning: !


In reply to G1INK:
Hi Steve
That is my kind of antenna!
Thanks for the link.
Still at work on a call-if-you-need-me basis, confined to barracks while its sunny outside :frowning:

In reply to 2E0FSR:

24/12/06 on G/SP-007 Fair Snape Fell before Steve G1INK had set up his little 70cms log periodic, I worked DD4TC on 433MHz FM with 2.5w from my FT817 just on it’s rubber duck. Absolutely amazing.

Mike G4BLH

In reply to 2E0FSR:

Nothing spectacular, but I worked some DL’s when I activated Detling Hill SE-013 on 70cms SSB running 20W to a 6 element and then had to smile when a VHF NFD station less than a kilometre from me struggled to make contact with the same stations.

Perhaps the most impressive single SOTA contact was working Don G0RQL in Devon from Craig y Castell GW/NW-074 on 2m SSB - achieved by beaming east! I was running 120 watts out and it must have been by some form of scatter. That’s about the only way of getting around Cadair Idiris! Just take a look at the map and you’ll see what I mean.

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

Nice one Gerald - in a similar vein I worked M0FGH in Gillingham & the Birmingham mafia on 2m ssb beaming NE towards Penrith from G/LD-043 Hallin Fell which is surrounded on all sides except NE by higher hills.

In reply to 2E0FSR:

I will never forget taking my brand-new FT857D to activate Carnmenellis in Cornwall on a stinkin’ hot day. I set up for two metres SSB and tuned around a dead band, and suddenly there was an EA calling CQ at 5 and 9++. I called him successfully and was just finishing with him when the battery fell over on the uneven ground and the crocodile clips came off. I grabbed it in a hurry and put them back, but as the sweat was running into my eyes I did not realise that they were the wrong way around. The 857 did. It died on the spot. R.I.P. That is how I learned that there is no reverse voltage protection on the 857.

Definately a day worth remembering, but not for the right reasons!


Brian G8ADD