Some clarification on what is "unique"

For now I am trying to keep my activations 100% unique. Today I was only able to manage one contact on a summit; this means I get “credit” for the summit but not the points. If I go back to that summit later and get the 4 or more contacts and get the points, does that ruin the 100% unique thing.



Yes, it will. You have the option of deleting this activation then activating the summit again and gaining 4 QSOs for the summit points as the scoring of awards is based on what is logged.

You may feel that only logging some activations is contrived, that’s a personal call. But it’s perfectly OK by the rules.

I don’t really get the appeal of “100% unique”. It either means that you avoid returning to hills and mountain, or you avoid submitting some or all of your logs.

I prefer the maximum enjoyment approach - visit lots of summits, lots of times, make lots of QSOs and log them all!


At this point, I only have 2 summits, not counting the one today; so everything is “unique”.

2 of the 3 summits took multiple attempts (days/climbs) to find the “best” way to get to the top. The one today, I thought I had the “best” way and ended up doubling my climb etc and will have to go back again because I failed to get the contacts.

I am fortunate that I live in a place where there are many summits, so I can do a new one each time for awhile. Once I run out of those will I start doing the old ones again? Probably. Seems like a waste of knowledge to not summit them again at some point, but I have awhile.