Some account stats

There are currently 30100 user accounts.

There are 11601 accounts that have at least one activation.

There are 12808 accounts that have at least one chase.

There are 13798 accounts that neither chases or activations.


Andy @MM0FMF. Are these accounts active in the reflector or just logged in once and done?

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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These are SSO accounts. Database, SOTAwatch etc.

In other words, only accounts that have registered and use one or the other service without being activ?!

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Some of these accounts are 20 years old and have never been used. I think anything that is over 5 years old and has never been used to log a chase or activation can probably be deleted.


Maybe also keep accounts that have made a reflector post, perhaps they are people who are interested in portable ops other than SOTA.


That’s an interesting observation Colin. There’s no immediate plan to delete old unused accounts but I think it’s something we should consider for the future.


I’m sure we could draw some conclusions from those stats :disguised_face:

More people enjoy the process of creating an account than actually activating or chasing.

I think that’s a ringing endorsement of our fantastic voluntary IT creators. Well done and thanks!


its a pretty sensible thing to do, back when i was onvolved with some Vbullitin forums, we used to delete any inactive accounts after 2 years. especially if they were 0 post accounts!


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Do these unused accounts slow down the search in the database?

or in other words…

Can performance be increased by deleting these accounts?

73 Armin

Probably not because we tend to use indexes heavily so we do not need to do repeated table reads. But less is always more and deleting an account created by someone in 2004 they have never used that has an email address from an internet provider who closed down in 2009 is probably a sensible thing to consider.


I’d suggest using the last login date to determine if an account meets the deletion criteria, lurkers do exist.

If there was a last login date I could use I would consider using it.

I am one of these :slight_smile:
I set up a second account, with a different call sign, for testing two factor authentication login in VK port-a-log. I didn’t want to get stuck on a summit with a bug in the code and be unable to send or receive spots.
Having two accounts meant I could roll back, change account and continue with the activation.

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There are also SWL accounts, accounts like yours Peter, accounts used by the SMS spotter etc. Their existence makes culling truely unused accounts harder. Not impossible but probably they need to be eyeballed to check.

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In particular I was thinking of all the information on the reflector about antennas and batteries etc.

SSO accounts not reflector accounts.

How many reside in Bouvet Island?

5 and they’re all testing accounts.