Some 5B Peaks on 7 JUN 2020

Just a quick note before taking to the road: movement restrictions have been largely lifted in Cyprus and solitary outdoor activity can be conducted without any issues, so I am heading to the mountains today. The plan will be:


I have mapped out a route that will allow me to activate them in that order. It is a bit of a drive from the eastern portion of the island through the mountains in the west, so I might not make it through the whole list.

I will post an alert for the first peak but after that cell phone coverage will likely be spotty, so keep an ear out for me sending my current REF.

I will pack a microphone, but as usual, this will mostly be a CW operation.



p.s. This is my first activation with a new Cypriot call sign, my previous activations in Cyprus were conducted under 5B/AI4SV.