Solar Powered Activation on Piz Nair HB/GR-129

My SOTA Activation from 26th. March 2011 was powered only by solar current. I don’t have taken my solar panel on the summit. But i have charged all my batteries at home with a 13 W solar panel from ELV.
Many thanks on all chasers there have contacted me.
73 de HB9TNF Guido

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vy 73 de DF3MC, Martin

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Hello Guido…
I do this since 2 years. Also the most of the power in the shack comes from Solar. I´m using 150 watt´s to charge the batteries in the shack. I don´t need any additional power when i´m using Low Power(100W) only the Amp needs more hi.

best 73 de Tom