Solar forecast

Looks like next few days could get rough again.
Here’s the latest solar forecast :joy:


I think that was last months forecast HI!

Actually today the bands (both 20m & 40m) seem better than they have been in a long time - are others seeing the same?



That would be the forecast based on known coronal holes, I guess.

If you look at the current displays of the inner corona, there are two bright patches that have been developing on the limb for the last couple of days, suggesting that two more active areas are about to rotate into view. This should at least prevent the SFI from dipping below ~100 for a while.


Yes, twenty has been very good - 40 is too noisy for me to chase the weaker stations but so far today I have 29 chaser points on 20.


Talking of bands

800km to EC2AG/p on 20m struggled,

1343km to OE5HCE/p no problem on 40m

But have noticed in last couple days 20m does seem a little more noisy than weekend prior.

But striking up good points again working plenty Summits in past 48hrs.
10 yesterday and so far 9 today
Look forwards to Sunday 15th and the 10m hopefully get busier again with sotas and prop opens for them.

go go 10w and the wet bit of string :smile:


Nipped out this morning for a little activation of The Cloud G/SP-015. 15m was quite active, and I made 22 CW contacts on the band, to go with the 3 made on 2m FM.

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